Eat your heart out Kiray Celis is one lucky girl

 Comedian Kiray Celis claims she’s a member of the NBSB group, an acronym for “no boyfriend since birth.” But her relationship status from single might change into “in a relationship” if the events in her life are truly genuine and not just a product of publicity or a manufactured paring.   

Social media was abuzz when a popular news curator reported that Kiray Celis is dating Cosmo Bachelor and model Kirst Viray. Everybody went crazy and their reaction was similar to Chokoleit’s kissing scandal caught on video that became a hot topic off- and online.

The diminutive comedian, has been posting photos on her Instagram account giving her more than half a million followers a hint that she’s dating the 24-year-old runway model. Viray is also doing the same. In fact, he is posting more photos of him and the 21-year old Kapamilya talent on his Instagram feed.  Isn’t that sweet?

GREAT CATCH. Kirst Viray is a runway model and budding actor while Kiray Celis is one of the most effective comedy actors of her generation. 

What’s really interesting about the two though is how people take this supposed paring. People consider Kiray, known for her alternative beauty, as one lucky girl for stealing the attention and probably the heart of Kirst, a 5-foot-11 model who rocks a chiseled physique that serves as his ticket to runway gigs here and abroad.

The fashion model who sports long locks has also walked for Canada Philippine Fashion Week, where he was named Model of the Year in the health and fitness category. He’s got a long list of magazine covers including Garage Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Men’s Health. He’s also appeared in TVCs for big brands. As a budding actor, he’s been cast in an episode of Karelasyon (2015) and A1 ko sa’yo (2016).

Kiray, on the other hand, no longer needs too much introduction as people have seen her blossom from “Munting Miss U” finalist into playing BFF to big female stars on TV and in the movies.

Unlikely pair? Kiray Celis and Kirts Viray set social media ablaze with their Valentine photo.

In this respect, the unlikely pair may have something interesting to offer. But maybe they’re just good friends sharing some sweet moments together. Or maybe, the two are working on a project that requires them to be extra close and, yes, sweet. Take this for example, the two went out on a date on Valentine’s Day and Kirst gave Kiray a stem of white rose.

Prior to this romantic meeting, the two have shared photos of them together while sharing sweet moments at various places including a clothing store and a factory while wearing matching outfits.

The pair has yet to confirm whether they’re dating or just really close friends. But no matter what label they put in this relationship it’s definitely working in their favor. The only problem we have right now is, how are we supposed to call this pair. Showbiz is known for creating a portmanteau of love teams using the first syllable of their first name.  Theirs don’t some appealing at all. (And it’s not printable!)

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