The new face of proud gay men

Nowadays, it’s hard to identify gay men from straight unless you mingle with them because that’s the only way to know whether someone is straight or otherwise. Take Sinon Loresca, who captured the attention of TV audience because of his well-defined muscles, for example.

Seeing one photo will give anyone a hard time telling if he’s gay or straight because of his muscular built that can give even Derek Ramsay a run for his money. But the real reason why Sinon hit the gym and totally changed his image is quite surprising. It took him five years to transfor himself into his fine look.

In one of his Instagram posts, Sinon gives his followers a glimpse of his body transformation from a lanky gay man “bullied for looking weak and effeminate” to a gay macho who now gets the world’s attention.  Paraphrasing his caption for the photo, the openly gay man revealed that he decided to change his image because he doesn’t want to be bullied anymore and that he’d like to serve as an inspiration to all gays who have been bullied because of the way they look and act.

SOCMED SUPERSTAR. Striking a pose seems to be his favorite pastime.

His fitness transformation, which can either intimidate or inspire gay and straight men alike, has served as his ticket to showbiz.  Initially known as Rogelia of Eat Bulaga’s “Kalyeserye,” he has already appeared in a couple movies including Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo May Boyfriend? and Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers. And apart from Eat Bulaga, he had a short stint in the defunct late morning series Calle Siete and Magpakailanman.

Most recently, Sinon took the online world by storm when he took to his Facebook page ahead of the Miss Universe pageant to share a video of himself walking outdoors in a bright blue Speedo and studded peep-toe six-inch heels.

The clip begins with him shaking his hips and doing a spin before striking a pose with his hands on his hip. Sinon confidently struts down the sidewalk while taking the occasional spin to show off his catwalk skills. At the end of the clip, he raises his hand and yells: “Maxine Medina, 26, Phillipines.”

The now viral clip has been viewed seven million times on his Facebook page and shared by more than 100 thousand Facebook users.

Online platform and social media website 9gag picked up Sinon’s video. In its Facebook page, the one-minute video has garnered more than 27 million views.

 This screengrab of Sinon Loresca strutting like a beauty queen has been shared across social media platforms and has been picked up by major international news outfits.

Due to this sudden popularity, the buff comedian posted another video of him, this time tearfully thanking his “dabarkads” for making his videos trend worldwide. Although emotional, he’s able to pull off the video message a la Pia Wurtzbach. The overwhelmed Sinon also shared on Instagram, that the news that a U.S. medical TV show, The Doctors, has showed interest in featuring him in their program.

Indeed, Sinon has come a long way. But little did many people know, he’s not just about strutting like a beauty queen or making his followers chuckle at his funny antics.

Prior to his viral catwalk video, an Instagram user posted a photo of Sinon spending time with street dwellers. As someone who grew up in poverty, the SocMed personality has a soft heart for the downtrodden especially to those children who wander Manila’s impoverished neighborhoods.

And yes, Sinon gives proud gay men a new face – confidently macho with a heart.

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