Maja Salvador has never been this wild

At least in a television series called Wildflower.

Carrying the tagline, “Revenge has never been this wild,” the sexy drama that debuts tomorrow is about a scorned woman who wants to take revenge.

In a three-minute trailer uploaded on ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube channel last week, Maja is described as a sultry young woman who is out to avenge the death of her biological parents.

The clip starts with scenes from her family’s past in a province ruled by a powerful clan. The next scenes take viewers to her father (Christian Vasquez) suspiciously dying of heart attack and then her mom (Sunshine Cruz) being abused.  She’s able to escape the wrath of the abusers then finds herself in the home of  good Samaritan (Priscilla Meirelles), who adopts her and raises her like her own.

Maja Salvador

The last 30 seconds of the trailer shows Maja’s character (now all grown up) meeting her family’s old nemesis and the young men (Joseph Marco and Vin Abrenica) who would continue to rule the province where she grew up.

Another sneak peak released in November shows Maja entering a huge door leading to a dark hall dragging a long hammer behind her back. Installed inside the dimly lit hall is a sculpture of their province’s former leader. Maja comes faces to face with the bust, she releases her anger on it and smashes it with the hammer. The trailer ended with a close-up shot of Maja’s face, which looks like she has finally started her evil plan.

The preview already gives people the idea on what kind of woman Maja is going to portray – she is seductive, beautiful and yet full of mystery.

The 28-year-old actress admits that the character is a complete opposite of her cheerful personality in real life that is why she considers the television project as one of the most challenging assignments she’s done so far.

DELICIOUS TREAT. Maja Salvador flanked by Joseph Marco (left) and Vin Abrenica (right) in a photo shoot for the sexy afternoon drama, “Wildflower.” 

The series also showcases an overflowing machismo with Joseph Marco and Vin Abrenica, including RK Bagatsing, showing off their chiseled physique, almost all the time possible – while in the rain, in the bedroom, in the outdoors, you name it. This prompted fans to ask the actress if she would show the same kind of boldness, too.

“You will either just hate or love my character. That’s for sure. But showing some skin, let’s just give it to the boys. I have three leading men who will fight for your attention,” she said in a recent interview.

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