5 things why Landers is new shopping destination

Everyone has a precise idea of an ideal shopping destination and it generally revolves around convenience in terms of location, reasonable price and variety of items sold and amenities that make shopping not just a chore but also a blissful experience.

Anytime of the year, grocery shoppers have more than one reason to fill their shopping carts at the newest membership shopping superstore in Metro Manila. Landers Superstore, which opened its first branch on EDSA Balintawak in Quezon City and then recently at Otis on Paz Guazon St. in Paco, Manila, carries a vast range of grocery products, fresh produce, and other items under one roof.

As a membership store, Landers redefines exclusive shopping by not just offering bulk packages, it also offers items in smaller packs, which are ideal for couples or small families.

After visiting Landers Superstore’s newest branch in Paco, Manila, we listed some of the remarkable things about the store that made our shopping experience one for the books.

1. 8,000-square meter vast shopping space

Landers Superstore boasts of vast space and spacious aisles for relaxed and easy shopping experience

The one-level Landers Superstore in Paco is so huge it can fit 16 basketball courts. Shoppers can easily breeze through Landers’ well-lit aisles without bumping into another shopper. It has spacious lanes, which means shopping carts crashing into each other, or long queues of shoppers waiting to pay their items are unlikely to happen.

It also has an enormous showroom which features elegant furniture, home decors and home appliances. And oh, parking is not a problem, too. Both branches have parking lots enough to accommodate their shoppers even during weekends and holiday sale.

2. A healthy mix of top-notch imported, exclusive brands

The new Landers Superstore Otis located in Paco, Manila offers an array of exclusive brands and products not available in other local supermarkets

The membership store prides itself in offering only top-notch products. It has an inventory of imported goods, which include grocery items, electronics, apparel, as well as health and beauty products. The wide assortment of goods ranging from imported products from the US, Canada and Australia to high-quality local and exclusive brands gives you a lot of options to choose from. Here you can find brands and products not found in any other retail outlets or groceries, including unique Oreo flavors, Nutella tubs, Gatorade energy chews and chocolate-flavored drink, Badia Spices and Himalayan Pink Salt, Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream, Double Rainbow Gourmet Ice Cream, and even dry shampoos, to name a few.

3. Dining experience

Apart from grocery items, Landers Superstore also has its own coffee shop, comfortable diners, and bakery where guests can enjoy New York-style pizza, hotdogs, fried chicken and pastries

When you need to recharge after an extended shopping session, or say your companion needs to do something else while waiting for you, like eating, Landers offers a few dining options. It is the first membership shopping superstore in the Philippines to have a cozy coffee shop (Doppio), a comfortable diner (Landers Central), and a delectable bakery (Dough & Co.). While taking a break from shopping, members can enjoy delicious New York-style pizza, fried chicken and hotdogs, bagels, fancy cakes and pastries in its spacious dining area.

4. Exclusive perks

Giant tubs of Nutella are sold at reasonable price

Exclusively for members, Landers Superstore offers discounts whenever you fill up your tank at its very own gas station. Get P2 off per liter of Gasoline and P1.50 per liter of Diesel from five-star gasoline station, Caltex. The fuel discount is an everyday offer.

Also, after a few visits, shoppers can have free haircut. The Superstore houses a sleek barbershop (Talas Manileño in Landers Balintawak and Federal Barbers in Landers Otis) where waiting husbands and even kids can get their own pampering.

5. Discounted membership

Organic ice cream brands are available here, too

Currently, Landers Superstore is offering a 20 percent discount on all membership fees. That makes the Premium or Personal membership fee at P640 only and its extension at P320, while the Business membership is at P800 only and its extension at P320 as well.

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