A partnership that highlights global Pinoy talents

Sometime in August 2010, popular comedian and TV host Ellen DeGeneres posted something on Twitter that intrigued some of her 60 million followers on the online news and social networking service provider.

She tweeted, “I’ve learned two things about TV. It’s always good with vodka and some of the best singers are from the Philippines.”

DeGeneres posted this tweet after hearing Charice Pempengco sing. Since then, the TV host has invited amateur and virtually unknown Filipino singers to sing in her show. Most of these talents were found online, often via YouTube.

The same tweet was also the highlight of Gary V’s message when he was asked to say something about global Pinoy talents last week. The seasoned singer, along with Christian BautistaDingdong Avanzado, and Noel Cabangun, represented Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit (OPM), as its Vice President, during a press launch held on Dec. 15 at Blackbird Makati.

The event witnessed the announcement for the official preview of the unveiling of The Fountain at Okada Manila, the newest integrated resort to open in Entertainment City in Parañaque. Also during the intimate lunch with the press, executives from Okada Manila formalized their support for local arts and entertainment.

Okada Manila President Steve Wolstenholme (second from left, front row) joined by (from left) folk singer Noel Cabangun, WET (the company behind design and construction of The Fountain) executive Jim Doyle, Dingdong Avanzado, (from left, back row) Creative Director Giulio Scatola, Gary V and Christian Baustista

The integrated resort partners with OPM organization to serve as the official venue for the best that Philippine music artists has to offer. The main performance venue will be The Fountain, the second biggest of its kind in the world that is equivalent to 50-Olympic-sized swimming pools. Other concerts and performance will be held within the property making OPM entertainment available to Okada guests 365 days a year.

According to Steve Wolstenholme, president of Tiger Resort, Leisure & Entertainment Inc., the company behind the 44-hectare property, Okada Manila will have a preview event tonight, which he touted as “spectacular affair” that will serve as their gift to the Philippines.

“The Fountain will be the iconic symbol of the Philippines, of Manila. The latest and the greatest integrated resort will be launched on Dec. 21. This will make a difference to every single person living here in the Philippines,” Wolstenholme told the press.

The executive emphasized that their partnership with OPM will be an integral part of the entertainment aspect of the resort, which also has entertainment venue enclosed in a glass dome that houses the largest UV-protected indoor beach club in Southeast Asia. The beach club, which measures 9,000 sqm, features two expansive stages with a maximum capacity of 4500 guests.

“It’s all about Filipino entertainment, we have a great team that’s doing something special for Okada Manila. It’s all about bringing Filipino entertainers to the people of the world. It’s a game changer for Manila. The Philippines is a wonderful country and our chairman Mr. Okada has identified this many years ago, he’s been doing business here since 2008,” the executive shared adding that it is Okada Manila’s advocacy to promote world-class entertainment led by the best Filipino artists.

Complementing Wolstenholme’s words, Gary V was also delighted to represent Filipino artists in the momentous event. He was raving about not just popular music talents but also those who provide entertainment overseas.

“Even beyond OPM, there are artists who are waiting for opportunities like this. If you go to some parts of the world, if you go to cruise liners and other entertainment venues, you’ll see a lot of Filipino artists providing music that people from all over the world enjoy,” Mr. Pure Energy stated.

He takes pride in the idea that Okada Manila considers Filipino talents as at par with what they see as best in the world. And as a glimpse of this collaboration, Gary V shared that Okada Manila’s December Preview Opening Event will feature an outdoor concert from some of the country’s biggest headliners.

“This (partnership) means a lot to us. With this, we are definite that our local artists will no longer have to seek for other opportunities elsewhere. We can keep them here,” he concluded.

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