5 times Baron Geisler became controversial

Most of the time, stars are being praised for their acting skills and personality and there are those who make noise for being on the other side of the spectrum. Actor Baron Geisler is a perfect example of the latter, and in this week’s listicles, we are listing down his notorious stunts that gave him the moniker “Showbiz Badass.” 

 SARCASTIC. This cropped version of Baron Geisler peeing on a wall is taken by people as his sardonic response to his detractors 

1. Wild Child Geisler was kicked out of Pinoy Big Brother house

The self-confessed dipsomaniac repeatedly had drinking fits inside Kuya’s house. He was evicted the first time after he showed his drunken antics to his fellow housemates. He screamed, stole kisses from the girls and swore at Kuya.

2. When his naughty hands wickedly groped Cherry Pie Picache’s bosom

While on the set of a teleserye back in 2011, Geisler allegedly groped Picache’s breast. After the incident, Picache filed a harassment complaint against Geisler who later made a public apology to the actress. He voluntarily entered himself into a rehab institution for a 90-day treatment session. Four other harassment controversies were reported, which involved Patricia Martinez, Yasmien Kurdi, and Julia Clarete.

3. When he assaulted a UP student over an ‘idiot board’

A video made rounds online with Geisler shouting and picking up a fight with a University of the Philippines students. The video showed an enraged Geisler shouting and physically assaulting a student. He was throwing a fit over a delayed script. After the incident, the two parties involved immediately resolved the issue and asked people to move on.

4. Geisler and Kiko Matos’ bar fight video 

Just after the video of Geisler seen fighting with a UP filmmaking student went viral, another one came out fast as it was him involved in a brawl again. This time, it‘s with indie actor Kiko Matos in a bar on Tomas Morato, Quezon City. According to a witness, the two went ballistic, wrangling and exchanging blows after Geisler confronted Matos on his rude behavior towards a bartender. The fight ended up in a celebrity match picked up by a major network.

5. Juicehead Geisler peed on his co-actor, Ping Medina

And last but not the least, which can be the no. 1 on the list is the latest and by far, the most controversial Baron Geisler stunt taken to a whole new level, another round pulled off by his, none other than, drunkard self. And this is still a developing story as of this writing. – By Bianca Domingo

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