Sarah Lahbati is one hot momma

As long as she’s not in high heels, Sarah Lahbati can easily keep up with her three-year-old son, Zion. The two love doing fun things together. From swimming to going to different places, they enjoy a very active and fun lifestyle.

Looking at the 23-year-old actress, it’s really hard to believe that she is already a mother. While it takes years for some women to lose baby weight, Sarah lose it like it’s nothing. She showed off her enviable toned physique on the promotional cover of her single “Bato-Bato Sa Langit,” which she launched on her birthday last month.

And it’s not surprising that the secret to her already slimmed-down figure, apart from good genes, is proper diet and exercise. Additionally, she credits good old fashioned breastfeeding with helping her bounce back so quickly.

BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. Sarah shares a snap of her with partner Richard Gutierrez and son Zion

“But I didn’t do anything after giving birth, no exercise or strict diet. I was breastfeeding that’s why I made sure I was heathy. After five months, I started cutting on carbs and started brisk walking. I did my own research, if you would diet and exercise right away, which I believe impossible to begin with, you might lose your milk,” Sarah told Manila Standard.

In our interview with the statuesque actress, she revealed that she’s working on two film projects. She has just finished a film helmed by Carlo J. Caparas and she has just started filming another movie last week, this time with multi-awarded director Erik Matti.

On her most recent post on Instagram, the actress shared a short clip that shows her first day of training for her new movie. Dressed in comfortable clothes, Sarah teased her 2.2 million followers with her agility of a female action star effortlessly running from one point to another while shooting a few bullets in between.

Sarah could only discuss what her role is going to be. She said she’s not allowed to divulge the premise of the film yet including the actors who will complete the cast.

SMOKING HOT. Looking beautiful and sexy is something that comes naturally to young female celebrities. But Sarah Lahbati left people speechless wondering how she manages to stay fit and gorgeous even after having a baby.

“This is a very exciting project. I’m a cop in this movie. It’s one of the roles that I’ve been wanting to play. As for the premise of the film and the actors I’m going to work with, I can only tell so much,” she said.

Sarah just shared that she’s going to work with theater actors for the first time and that she’s working with a great team whose members are talented and creative and they have a vivid vision of the whole story.

Apart from her movie projects, Sarah is also the face of numerous brand endorsements. The most recent being is the Nido’s child nutritional campaign called “check the label.” The campaign aims to encourage mothers to read and have a better understanding of food labels so they can make smarter and healthier choices for their children.

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