Wild Thing: Lovi Poe smolders in sexy shoot

Award-winning actress and recording artist Lovi Poe offered a sexy sight when she stripped for the latest issue of the revamped men’s magazine FHM.

On the cover of the popular glossy, the sultry actress posed in two-piece black lingerie with her slithering friend: a Burmese python, which the magazine describes as a symbol of seduction and temptation. In the magazine folds, Lovi was phenomenal showing off her curves in barely there black numbers.

Days before the latest issue of the magazine was made available, Lovi teased her 1.1 million Instagram fans with a series behind the scenes videos of her photo shoot with lensman Mark Nicdao. She also posted a 17-second black and white clip with her holding an apple and her two ophidian pals gliding across her waist down to her thighs.

SEDUCTIVE. Da King’s daughter looks every inch of sexy royalty on the latest cover of the popular men’s magazine

“I’ve had shoots with snakes before, but never like this. I’ve never had to wrap one around me like that. The snake was heavy. But I just let the snake go and executed the poses we had planned… Snakes are not really one of my primal fears. I’m much more afraid of heights,” the actress exclaimed.

It’s good to note that it’s her second time to land on the cover of FHM. The first time being was in 2011 when the team behind the popular magazine flew the then 22-year-old Lovi to Bangkok for their cover shoot, which included an elephant.

The sultry actress has again graced the cover of  the magazine, this time, she is accompanied by her slithering friend 

For being FHM’s latest cover girl, the 34th sexiest woman in the Philippines (based on the FHM’s Sexiest Poll 2016) also talked about not entertaining pesky perceptions that people have about her. But she briefly explained that she is more than proud to show the product of the photo shoot because it was done in good taste.

“It’s just an image I exude. I don’t know why people think of me in the way they see me when I pose for a magazine, but sometimes I like to think that I’m the exact opposite,” she shared.

In 2011, Lovi Poe and FHM team flew to Bangkok to do the actress’s first sexy cover. The shoot involved this giant mammoth. 

Lovi furthered that she may look sexy onscreen, wear revealing outfits or pose provocatively during photo shoots, but she’s very shy in real life. In fact, Lovi is stuck to her guns of keeping her personal life closely guarded as she barely shares her personal life on social media.

“Honestly, I may look like this onscreen, but I’m really very shy. People would say, ‘she’s such a flirt,’ ‘she shows too much skin,’ but honestly, if you ask the people I’m close with, they’ll say that I’m very shy. But I guess what I can say is, I can probably seduce a guy with my awkwardness,” the Someone To Watch Over star concluded.

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