Sharon Cuneta back on the concert circuit

The actress, singer and TV host everybody calls Megastar is hard at work these days preparing for a concert. It’s the first time she is performing before a large crowd since 2012 when she headlined a show with Martin Nievera at the Big Dome.

Also, Sharon Cuneta is officially going back to the recording studio and plans to release an album before the year ends.

Megastar Sharon Cuneta is also officially back to making new music

“I’m meeting with Star Cinema for a new movie, which I cannot divulge yet. I’m going to work with a young love team. Cathy Garcia-Molina is directing the movie. On the same day, I’ll be meeting with Star Records, my new recording studio, and we’re going to go over the choice of songs for my new album,” Sharon shared with Manila Standard.

The 50-year-old multi-awarded performer couldn’t hide her excitement while telling the details of her new projects with ABS-CBN. Obviously, she must have missed performing to sold-out arenas and singing for her supporters that have religiously followed her illustrious career.

In 2011, the Megastar left her longtime home studio, ABS-CBN, after 23 years and moved to then aggressive and revitalized TV5. But for four years that she was with the network, we hardly heard anything of her projects. In fact, her last concert was a huge flop.

Admittedly, Sharon was disappointed because only a few people showed up. She then realized that without the support of a big media network, not all of her fans, especially those who follow her recording career, would know she’s having a show.

“When I made my move from my home station ABS-CBN to another station, I did a concert. It was a painful experience for me, very painful. I have to admit, it’s taken me awhile to accept and recover from that. Not too many people knew about it, very few people came [to see the concert] and we’re (Nievera) both wondering what happened, and I realized that I lost the support of my mother station,” the star revealed for the first time.

But now that she’s back at ABS-CBN, she feels reinvigorated and believes that she’s ready to hit the concert stage again.

“That rebuilt my confidence to do a concert again because there’s support from my mother station. With ABS-CBN, I’m confident to do a concert. When I did shows in America and in Europe, they just kept on really assuring that the people know my shows,” she recalled.

And this October, the stage at The Theatre at Solaire Resort and Casino is set for a two-night concert in celebration of the Megastar’s stellar career. Billed simply as Sharon, the concert will be at 8 p.m. on Oct. 15 and 22.

“I’m back on the concert stage. You know, I am very excited because I haven’t done any show for a long time. I also like the venue. It’s not too small and not too big. So, this is what I call an intimate concert and this is what I needed (at) this point in time. It’s a beautiful theater,” the singer said abaout the venue that can seat 2000 people.

In what to be an expected emotional and intimate show, Sharon will have her daughter Frankie and the members of Team Sharon from The Voice Kids Season 3 as her special guests. Her repertoire will include a good mix of “well-known songs and not very well-known songs and maybe not heard for a long time but sorely missed.”

The show promises to be a showcase of Sharon’s stellar career spanning almost four decades, and the audience can reminisce with her classic hits and listen to new favorites, and find out why she is and will forever be known as the Megastar.

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