Romnick Sarmenta’s new passion

What keeps Romnick Sarmenta from going back to showbiz?

This was our question to Romeo Nicolas Sarmenta Tejedor, better known by his screen name Romnick Sarmenta, and best remembered for his role as Peping in the TV series Gulong ng Palad. 

As one of the brightest stars of his generation, Sarmenta had appeared in more than 50 films and a dozen TV shows between 1978 and 1998.

“I’m very picky when it comes to accepting projects for TV or movies, nowadays. I always consider the kinds of roles being offered to me because I want a project that my children can watch and appreciate,” he said.

Celebrity couple Romnick Sarmenta and Harlene Bautista venture into the food business by opening a restaurant that serves Filipino regional cuisines

Sarmenta, who top-billed the very first Maalaala Mo Kaya episode entitled “Rubber Shoes” on May 15, 1991, explained that he’s been receiving a few TV and movie offers but he feels that the role he is asked to portray may not be appropriate for his children to see.

“You know, children ask too much questions these days. And there are times that they think what they see on TV is true. I don’t want to do something on TV and then later on explain to my children the reason why my character behaved like that,” he explained.

Does this mean he’s already closing his doors to showbiz?

“Maybe if the show offered to me is family-oriented, I would accept it. I can’t accept baddie roles anymore because, to be honest, it’s difficult to explain to a child the actions and the language used by the character that I would play,” he added.

Now happily settled with former actress and That’s Entertainment regular Harlene Bautista, the 44-year-old actor is busy raising their five children (with their eldest being 18 and the youngest, 3) and managing a restaurant called Salu located on Sct. Torillo St. in Quezon City.

Since leaving the limelight, the couple has ventured into a couple of businesses including a production company and now the family restaurant that they opened two months ago. In this new interest, the couple oversees the entire business operation from finances, the “back of the house” to serving the establishments clients’ who are mostly Filipino cuisine lovers.

The restaurant serves their specialties at home, such as adobo and kare-kare, which their kids also love. Hence, guests would also see their children hanging out in the area.

“While my showbiz career takes the backseat, I don’t have any regret doing this because as you can see, I get to work and spend quality time with my family,”Sarmenta concluded.

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