Regine Velasquez-Alcasid’s anniversary surprise

Thirty years ago, an emerging singer dreamed of recording her own songs. As a virtually unknown name on the local music scene, all she just wanted was to be called a songbird and to perform before a large crowd. Hearing people cheer for her after every performance was her ultimate reward. 

Today, her name is synonymous to success, being one of the best-selling recording artists in the local music industry. With multiplatinum records, sold out concerts, blockbuster films and top-rating TV shows and countless awards and recognition, Regine Velasquez has become a much bigger star than what she initially wished to be.

“When I was starting in the business, all I wanted was just to sing. I never thought a lot of opportunities would come my way. I was just so in love with music,” she told Manila Standard in an interview after her book signing held a few weeks ago in Eastwood Mall.

Known for her powerful vocals and her ability to hit high notes most singers think impossible to reach, Regine did not fail to impress her fans and the people who graced the event. The book signing turned into a mini concert with the Songbird belting out a few classics.

Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid shares her favorite recipes in a new cookbook titled ‘Bongga Sa Kusina’

“Singing is practically part of my life like we are one. And singing for them [the fan] whenever I can is my way of saying ‘thank you’ for their unparalleled support,” she said.

We have witnessed how the chanteuse gives her fans the kind of attention they deserve. During the launching of the cookbook, which collects all the unique recipes featured in her cooking show Sarap Diva, she tirelessly greeted everyone who queued just to have a glimpse of the music superstar. Almost 300 of them patiently waited for their turn to meet the diva and have their books autographed.

The cookbook titled Bongga sa Kusina was conceived two years ago but it only got finalized this year in time for Regine’s 30th anniversary in the business.

“Thirty years, it’s really hard to recall how I was and what my aspirations were. But I can easily remember the burning passion in me to sing and perform. And the people I have worked with…they are instrumental to what I am and what I have accomplished right now,” the singer related.

To celebrate her three successful decades in the business, Regine is coming up with an album which she plans to call R3K, which seems a spin off to her R2K album that is considered as one the best-selling records in history with almost half-a-million copies sold. The album, she said, is a compilation of songs she recorded in the past that also defined her music career.

“I wanted to call it R3.0 but I’m having some trouble adding a hashtag to it because Instagram doesn’t read the 0 anymore. That’s why I’m calling it R3K for easy reference,” Regine beamed.

The preparation she’s doing for the album, the cookbook she has just launched in collaboration with Summit Books, and a musical show she’s going to have on GMA Network are just some of the few events leading to a grand celebration the diva will stage before the year ends. And as a celebrated singer, people expect nothing but a grand concert to culminate her 30th year anniversary.

“That’s the main highlight of my 30th anniversary celebration. I’m returning to the concert stage and I hope people will celebrate with me,” Regine ended.

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