Will Robin Padilla get any government post?

Celebrities have assumed a more prominent role in the political arena. That is the obvious trend in showbiz of late. Celebrities who were visible during the election period and were very vocal for their support to the now President Rodrigo Roa Duterte are, one by one, being entrusted with some important posts in the government. 

Robin Padilla, a staunch supporter of the former Davao City Mayor appeared in a few a political ads campaigning for the leader. And it is known to everybody that he did it pro bono.  Sources even say that Robin, who personally went to Hong Kong to campaign for the former Davao City Mayor in February, also funded some of the political ads that aired on television.


No politics. Robin Padilla supports the President but he says no to any government position

With the latest trend in mind, and his deep involvement in Duterte’s presidential bid, it’s likely that people would ask if Robin is going to be the next to get an appointment from the country’s new Commander-in-Chief.

In an exclusive interview with the Manila Standard, during the launching of MoneyGram’s new global campaign, the former action star set the record straight. His support for Duterte’s campaign was purely personal and did not involve any political gain. So, asking whether or not get he would get any government post under Duterte’s leadership, Robin answered with a resounding “No!”

“That’s not going to happen. The President will not give me any government post because he knows from the very beginning that I will just decline any appointment,” the actor said in vernacular.

“Maraming maingay ngayon. Sila yung ngayon lang naging supporter ng ating mahal pangulo. Pero kame, yung matagal nang sumusuporta sa kanya, tahimik lang kame and we are not expecting anything in return.”

He furthered that he has known the President for almost two decades now. He was introduced to Duterte in 1998 when he was pardoned and released after being incarcerated for more than two years. Right after he got out of jail, his late brother immediately told him that he’s going to introduce him to next President of the Philippines.

Action star and TV host Robin Padilla

“I got curious when we first met. I told myself that I want to know this man on a deeper level.  Imagine, nang una akong nakapunta sa bahay niya, nadun pa siya sa kulambo. You see, I have known him for so long. That’s the reason why I supported his presidential bid. Not because I was expecting he would return the favor. I’ve become witness as to how dedicated this person is to his chosen field. I saw him in action and I have experienced his being a genuine public servants first hand,” the 47-year-old actor affirmed.

It may sound too good to be true but the actor was quick to explain that after serving his term he made a personal vow that he would have his own advocacies and that involves supporting people who encourage diversity, promote clean governance, support the welfare of ethics groups and of the Overseas Filipino Workers, and endeavor to bring the trust of the people to the government.

Isa akong rebolusyonaryo, in fact I fight the government. Let’s be honest, politics is dirty and there only few people we can consider genuine statesmen. Kaya hindi ako pwedeng pumasok sa pulitika. Ayokong magkompromiso,” Robin said.

He believes that there are other avenues to help the underprivileged and traversing the political route may me be one of the ways but he’s more comfortable relying on his own capacity to bring change and affect people. He wants to do it his own way.

“I am an actor. My job is to entertain people and once in a while wave my hands to call their attention to tell them that we need to do something and that we need to act,” Robin stated.

And as actor, Robin dreams that one day, he would be able to make a revolutionary film that can describe what he feels about his country and what solutions he has in mind in pursuit of a better society.

Paraphrasing what Robin conveyed, he said that he would like to come up with a film, like the kinds of film he’s has starred in lately, that can rekindle the young people’s passion to get involved.

“I’ve been pitching this idea to movie to producers and film outfits. I wanted to come up with a modern film version of Noli Mi Tangere and El Filibusterismo. It’s been more than a hundred years since we gained our freedom, but sadly, we still have the same exact problems. And a contemporary version of Jose Rizal’s novels made into a film, I believe will allow our young people to appreciate the real message. And perhaps the story would rekindle the fire in them to be part of the change we are advocating,” he ended.

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