What makes Jessy Mendiola feel sexy?

A simple post on Instagram made Jessy Mendiola stop checking her social media account for a while. In what supposed to be just a fun photo that celebrates her being comfortable in her own skin elicited a barrage of hate comments with trolls calling her fat and her photo deceitful. 

For one thing, no editing was done. It was shot that captured her flattering angle.

Two months have passed and Jessy was declared the sexiest woman in an online poll conducted by FHM.

According to the Kapamilya star, she did not campaign to be part of the list more so to becoming no.1.

With all the bashing on social media in the previous months, did she feel somehow vindicated after being declared the sexiest woman in 2016?

The sexiest of them all. Jessy Mendiola relates to her experience when she got bullied for not looking sexy enough in the eyes of internet trolls.

In an interview with Manila Standard, the 23-year-old Kapamilya star said what she felt after hearing the news that she was leading the poll, which lists the most desirable female celebrities in the land, was more of self-love.

“Vindicated, that’s a very strong word. Not really, I’m just grateful. But I think of it more of as self-love. I mean when I got all the hate comments and all the bashing and when FHM chose me to be no. 1, I think people were looking for something different,” she said.

She further explained that it’s been common that when someone talks about being sexy, more often than not, the person is referring to a woman who has the perfect shape, who is flawless flow head to toe. Think of the impossible-to-achieve figure of the models that strut the Victoria’s Secret runway.

“I’m on the curvy side. I represent a different kind of sexy I believe, voluptuous probably,” she laughed.

With her winning this year’s sexiest title, it’s only natural for her to think that she really is one. But what really makes her feel sexy? It’s the compliment she gets from people who look beyond her physical attributes – when they find her personality more attractive than her appearance.

“It’s the journey of accepting myself finally…of how I look, of no matter what my size is. When people come up to me and say ‘Hey you’re so sexy.’ It feels unreal. I guess it’s not just the physical thing, I think it’s still about the personality of how you carry yourself and I think that’s sexy,” she elaborated.

Jessy sees her sexiest title as an essential step toward a more exciting showbiz career, at the same time an avenue to affect young girls to feel comfortable in their own skin.

July cover girl Rhian Ramos in a rare photo opportunity with this year’s sexiest woman, Jessy Mendiola, Photos bySonny Espiritu

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