Rhian Ramos goes #nofilter in sexy photo shoot

The girl who grew up wearing boys’ clothes and considers herself as a late bloomer posed in a plunging black lingerie for the cover of FHM and put her curves on show in a number of revealing looks for the sexy spread shot entirely in France.

The girl is Rhian Ramos. And she is this month’s Cover Girl of the popular men’s magazine.

During the magazine’s press launch, Rhian told the Manila Standard that it was a seven-year courtship between her and FHM before this “dream project” finally came together. Rhian was just 17 turning 18 when she was first approached by the magazine.  But she wasn’t ready then.

With Rhian Ramos on the cover, FHM team describes the magazine as smarter, more sophisticated, sharper and cooler   

So, what made her decide to finally say yes to FHM team? Three things: she has learned to embrace her flaws; she feels sexier now and feels confident in her own body; and she likes the direction that the magazine is taking nowadays.

“I just feel like the readers of FHM now are just the kind of guys that I would want to put myself in front of. I love their content, it’s intelligent and you could learn a lot — there’s food and art and guys’ fashion,” she told us.

“They’ve really shifted more for what the millennials will find sexy. Well not just the millennials though, what I mean is, you can find that version of sexy already everywhere and on the Internet. FHM redefined their definition of sexy and put a little more dreaminess into it,” Rhian added.

Cover Girl. Rhian Ramos lands on the cover of FHM’s July issue

The first-time FHM Cover Girl is very satisfied with the outcome of her shoot for the magazine. In fact, she revealed that all of the photos that ended up on the pages of the famous glossy were shot using natural lighting. Hence, the photos just required very minimal editing.

“The beauty of shooting in Europe is that there’s like a natural filter, there were no lights needed for this [shoot], this is just the regular sunlight, and us frolicking around the forest in lingerie,” she said.

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