The girl who Dubsmashed her way to stardom

With over 3.8 million Twitter followers (and counting), 2.4 Instagram followers and almost a million Facebook fans, Maine Mendoza has really come a long way.

It wasn’t that long ago that the simple girl from Bulacan, whose hobby was to upload her Dubsmash video on Facebook imitating Kris Aquino, skyrocketed from relative obscurity to stardom – thanks to Eat Bulaga and her unexpected pairing with Alden Richards.

“I can still remember how nervous and timid I was as I stand in the middle of the stage, facing the camera. It’s been a year but I still wonder how I was able to survive that audition unprepared,” Maine said in her social media post looking back on the launch of her career exactly a year ago.

Maine Mendoza is now a social media star with millions of fans and followers online, she first appeared on TV as Yaya Dub (top photo) on June 19, 2015

The 21-year-old star is now considered as one of the trusted celebrity endorsers, the most Googled female celebrity in the Philippines (2015), a television and movie star, an influential personality and a celebrity who has an army of rabid fans who are ready to go to any war when their idol is bashed or criticized.

While her fans play a big role in catapulting her to where she is now today, it is also safe to say that without Maine, Alden’s showbiz career would have been stagnant. Similarly, had Alden didn’t drop by the Eat Bulagastudio on July 16 last year, AlDub would not have been and Maine’s TV career would just end up like any other social media rockstars who crossed over to TV then went back to social media when things did not work out. But as you can see, Maine’s case is obviously an exception.

Now it can be said, Maine’s astronomical rise to stardom is similar to a Cinderella story. But like a fairy tale, will her journey in show business have a happy ending? Will AlDub still be around after a few years? Well, popularity and fame have their upside but they also come with the near certainty that they will end. And no matter how big a celebrity someone is, the person will definitely have a precipitous fall from grace.

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