No politics for Richard Yap

While most celebrities have been busy and visible in the campaign trail in the past few months, Kapamilya actor Richard Yap, a native of Cebu, chose not to be linked to anyone who would like to further their political careers with the help of showbiz stars.

According to the 48-year-old actor, who rose to fame as the appealing Sir Chief in the top-rating series Be Careful with My Heart, there has been a couple of political personalities and parties who had asked him to support or endorse them but he decided not to join the bandwagon of showbiz personalities who publicly display their political colors.

Sir Chief. Kapamilya actor Richard Yap

Though he doesn’t want to come out as someone who is against the phenomenon of celebrities publicly declaring their support for political parties or personalities, he believes  the electorate is wiser now and can make better decisions without the help of celebrity endorsements.

“It’s more of a personal choice not to endorse anyone. I think I can share with other people who I think is a good choice but I don’t want to come out as an endorser for anybody right now,” Yap told The Standard during an exclusive interview when he was launched as the ambassador of The Manulife China Bank Life Assurance Corporation (MCBL).

On a roll

Also in our sit-down interview with the actor, he opened up about being “too excited” with a new project he considers as “a dream come true.”

He is returning to the recording studio to do a collaboration album with Richard Poon.

“The album will feature two Richards,” he chuckled. “We are still working on the theme of the album and it makes more excited because finally I’m going to have a follow-up music project to my debut album released last year.”

Richard Yap with the officers of MCBL, Manulife Philippines and China Banking Corporation

The project that will be unveiled in June will also lead to the promotion of a concert that will feature the “the Richards” in August.

“We are still discussing it. We don’t have a working title yet. I’m referring to both the album and the concert. But with all these, I just feel that I’ve been really blessed to be in this position. I guess I was lucky to be at the right age, the right time and the right project,” he said.

After his phenomenal portrayal of Sir Chief in the ABS-CBN television series opposite Jodi Sta. Maria, the actor and businessman has been busy with numerous projects for TV and movie. And he’s on a roll being on one of the trusted names when it comes to product endorsements.

“Well I guess apart from being lucky, I’m also fortunate that there are brands that really trust me,” Yap related.

Part of his long list of product and brand endorsement is his partnership with The Manulife China Bank Life Assurance Corporation (MCBL), a bancassurance joint venture between Manulife Philippines and China Banking Corporation (China Bank).

Yap, who’s been a client of Manulife since his early 20s, will support MCBL’s efforts and initiatives to raise awareness among its customers on how they can achieve their financial goals through MCBL’s life and wealth solutions.

“As a respected actor, successful businessman, and devoted family man, he is the embodiment of many of our customers’ aspirations. Our relationship with Richard goes back to 1992, when he made his first investment with us,” said MCBL CEO Robert Wyld during a press conference held in a hotel in Makati.

As someone who started preparing for the future early in life, Yap is an example of someone who plans ahead and takes care of his finances to help make his personal aspirations and the dreams he has for his family come true. He became Manulife Philippines’ brand ambassador 3 years ago and continues to be an active endorser of the brand. He took part in the ManulifeMOVE campaign when it was launched in the Philippines in January this year.

“As a long-time supporter of the company, both as a customer and as an ambassador, and recently, as a China Bank customer too, I am honored to be the brand ambassador for MCBL,” said Richard. “This is something I am proud to be part of, if you know what I mean. Because it can inspire Filipinos to prepare for the future they have always dreamed of.”

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