House of Cards: Timely and relevant political drama

While many of us were trying to keep track of our presidential candidates, waiting for their next blunders, of course, a general entertainment channel announced that it’s airing all new episodes of the fourth season of the award-winning political drama that penetrates the shadowy world of greed, sex and corruption in modern Washington D.C.

Called House of Cards, which is an adaptation of a 1990 British political drama of the same title, it examines the ruthless and cunning, Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his wife Claire (Robin Wright) as they stop at nothing to conquer everything. Francis has risen from House Majority Whip to President of the United States of America.  His wife Claire, on the other hand, plays the dutiful wife with her own political ambitions.

Robin Wright (right) with Kevin Spacey in a scene from the House of Cards season premiere

Honored as one of the American Film Institute’s TV Programs of the Year for 2013, and has earned several accolades including Spacey and Wright’s Golden Globe® award for Best Actor and Actress, respectively, in a Television Drama, this wicked political thriller has it all – government corruption, plenty of intrigue, stories of back-stabbing and some political killing. It’s very timely and relevant, indeed. It culminated its third season with tensions rising between Francis and Claire with the latter declaring that she intends to leave the first.

The fourth season, meanwhile, perfectly blends with the previous season picking up immediately after the events following its finale. Claire leaves D.C. for Dallas, intending to run for Congress in her home district. Frank desperately seeks to get Claire back by his side as he loses ground in key primary states and to shut down all negative (but rather true) publicities surrounding their marriage.

He convinces her to return to his side after promising not to sabotage her campaign in Texas, but he later publicly endorses Celia Jones (Lisa Gay Hamilton) at the State of the Union address weeks later to block Claire’s congressional bid.

RTL CBS Asia Entertainment couldn’t have picked any better play dates for the critically-acclaimed series because as we all know, like in the Philippines, Americans are also keeping a close eye on the personalities who are trying to win votes in their presidential election.

All 13 episodes of the fourth season of House of Cards premiered with a “watchathon” on March 5, the same day as the release of the series in the U.S.  The TV marathon also had an encore the following day, Sunday, March 6 starting at 8:00 a.m.

“RTL CBS Entertainment HD is the only place where fans can see the new season of House of Cards,” said Jonas Engwall, CEO, RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network, who joined the members of the media in the exclusive preview of the drama series last week.

“Delivering all 13 episodes in high-definition, back-to-back, localized with subtitles on the same day as the U.S., we guarantee audiences in the region a great viewing experience,” the executive added.

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