Young kitchen prodigy tours Asia

At only eight years old, Estie Kung can be considered a kitchen master.  She took up an interest for cooking when she was just three when toddlers her age only start to familiarize themselves with speech and colors.

Now, the young Harry Potter fan is touring Asia to promote Lifetime’s culinary competition series that she’s part of. Estie was in Manila last week to promote Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown.  And during the press launch, the eight-year-old Girl Scout had a cooking showdown with Filipino celebrity chef Sau Del Rosario where the young prodigy prepared a salmon dish while the latter worked on sea bass with risotto.

Eight-year-old Chinese-American cook Estie Kung

The friendly showdown that lasted for 30 minutes ended with Estie and Chef Lau feasting on the dishes they prepared before they posed for a few snaps. Thereafter, Estie gladly talked to the press punctuating her answers with big smiles and giggles.

She said her favorite dishes include lobster, steak tartare and caviar.  She said her mom taught her several cooking techniques and one of her proudest moments in the kitchen thus far was when she cooked homemade pasta.

Filipino clebrity chef Sau del Rosario with little kitchen Master Estie

“It’s actually a noodle recipe,” the little Chinese-American beamed.

But it’s not your ordinary kind of noodle dish, which you boil two cups of water, add the noodles and then the seasoning. Estie shared, “It’s a noodle recipe of my grandmother’s grandmother.”

Able to read as a 6th grade pupil, this motivated youngster, who was born in California to a Chinese father and an American mother, will do what it takes to compete against the adults in the cooking reality show. She’s eager to learn and will stop at nothing to achieve her dream of becoming a chef.

Due to her participation in Man vs Child: Chef Showdown, Estie has gained a few recognitions. She even appeared The Late Late Show with James Corden in October last year to give audience a sample of her culinary skills.

Little Estie during the Q and A with the local press

Man vs. Child 

Lifetime’s culinary competition series, Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown, pits some of the world’s most talented young cooks against the very people they look up to, professionally trained, adult chefs. In each episode of Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown, a team of five child-cooking prodigies will challenge a prolific executive-level chef in the kitchen, where they will defend their culinary abilities.

Great chefs will be put to the ultimate test, against the food stars of tomorrow. Each week, a new executive chef will face off against the team of minor masters. The competitors’ overall aptitude and areas of expertise will be tested in three dynamic cooking rounds as they’re challenged to create a different dish, under unusual circumstances.

The 13-episode series had a successful debut in the U.S. in 2015, and is premiering in Asia on Jan. 26 at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Lifetime Channel.

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