The many faces of Michael V.

“Someone told me that the ultimate goal of a person is to have a child, plant a tree, and then finally write a book. I took it seriously that’s why I’m doing this.”

This was Michael V.’s answer when we asked him why he came up with a book. Bitoy, as he’s fondly called by his fans and colleagues, collaborated with Summit Books and recently launched The Bubble Bible by Bitoy, a collection of 12 of his most famous characters in the long-running gag show, Bubble Gang.

The illustrations of the Bubble Gang characters in the book are also by Bitoy. The book features a foreword by another comedian/host Joey de Leon.

The book, which took him roughly three months to finish, features unforgettable personalities that Bitoy has breathed life into, such as Junie Lee, Madam Rocha, Mr. Assimo, Mr. Matapobre, Bonggang Bonggang Bongbong, DJ Bumbay, and Doña Yna Moran. These characters he chose to highlight in The Bubble Bible based on a survey conducted among his peers and Bubble Gang fans.

Asked which of these characters is his personal favorite, the Bubble Gang pioneer said  Junie Lee because he considers the character as “the other side of me.”

“Nahihiya ako when I meet other celebrities most especially when I am tasked to interview them. I am thinking sana iba na lang ang mag-interview sa kanila. That’s how Junie Lee started. He doesn’t need to prepare for any interview,” he shared.

The beauty of Junie Lee being prepared to be unprepared is Bitoy’s response to the image known by the public – someone who endeavors to be always ready and make his brand of comedy tasteful if not perfect.

Comedian Michael V. gladly presents the book he worked on  for three months, it features funny anecdotes, stories and more

Just like any successful humorists, it helps that Bitoy is surrounded by people who constructively critique his work. In that way, he’s able to change and improve his way of impersonating famous personalities and the characters he created. He takes any feedback seriously because comedy, as we said time and time again, is a serious business.

“They are the ones who can tell if my work still okay. Playing different characters is tough most especially when people can no longer see the difference between the two characters I’m playing. I’m not the one who sees it, it’s the audience that’s why listening to feedback really helps,” the Bubble Gang creative director asserted.

For over 20 years now, Bitoy has been entertaining audiences with his well-crafted skits and parodies. He has also launched a successful music career as a rapper, singer and composer. Hence, it came as no surprise from an experienced man, not to mention a multi awarded comedian, to come up with a book that promises nothing but pure good laughter.

“Actually I wanted to write an autobiography but some of the people close to me said I’m too young to write a book about myself. They said, a lot of things will still happen in my life. So in the meantime, to satisfy my eagerness to come up with my own book, I came up with Bubble Bible,” the 45-year-old comedian ended.


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