Ina relives Sabado Night in sexy shoot

Ina Raymundo had a concept in mind when she agreed to be FHM’s cover girl for November. She wanted to look sexy but not too racy and she wanted the photos in black and white. In other words, she wanted to relive her iconic Sabado Night image that catapulted her as the ultimate male fantasy in the late 90s.

The man tasked to do the job was Mark Nicdao, he was Ina’s special request that FHM granted without any question.

Ina Raymundo for FHM

“I trust Mark because he takes amazing photos. I told FHM that I would say yes to them if he’s going to be the photographer. And I’m very thankful because they agreed and during the shoot they just observed and let Mark do his work,” Ina said.

The mother of five also revealed that this collaboration with FHM was “a courtship 15 years in the making”. It would have had happened in 2000 when she was first approached by the people behind the popular men’s magazine. It didn’t materialize because on the day of her original FHM photo shoot, she had an asthma attack that ultimately prevented her from gracing the magazine’s cover.

Ina-Raymundo -FHM-Philippines-2015--07-662x854

“Then I got pregnant with my first child, then I got so busy taking care of my children. So, I felt it wasn’t really for me. Then I got another offer from FHM. I thought I’d give it a go. I wanted to do something special for my 40th birthday,” Ina added.

Though already 40 years old, Ina, in photos and in person, look much younger than her age. But the actress was quick to admit that apart from good genes (her parents are already in their 60s yet they look young for their age), clean living plays a big role in keeping herself looking young and in perfect shape.

Hence, her gracing the cover of FHM materialized not only to satisfy the clamor of the magazine’s avid readers, she also wanted to serve as a motivation to Filipino women who wishes to age like fine wine.

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