PH an important market for HBO

The Philippines is viewed by HBO as a key market that audiences can expect to be one of the firsts to see the channel’s original content through match airing and via the channel’s Internet-based service HBO Go.

Match airing is when a U.S. show is aired simultaneously across the region. And not all cable channels do it for practical reason that we are in a different time zone.

But Karen Lai, director of communications at HBO Asia, told The Standard that this has been their strategy for a couple of years now.

“The idea is to let audiences be updated on the latest happenings in our shows. We air simultaneously with the U.S. telecast because we wanted our audience not to be left behind,” the TV executive said.

Premiering on Nov. 29, Halfwords is a modern look at ancient Asian mythical creatures

She furthered, “It’s like watching your favorite match, you would wake up early or sleep late just to catch the telecast of the game that you’ve been following. And HBO’s is very glad that this strategy has been working for us as we are able to give audiences fresh and exclusive content.”

Lai was in the country to talk about the cable channel’s new shows airing in the last quarter of the year on HBO GO and the network’s various channels. The diverse roster includes the much-awaited TV series namely The Knick, Halfworlds, The Leftovers, Project Greenlight, and The Leisure Class.

The executive was also very vocal on how well HBO is doing in the Philippines, which is the second country where they launched HBO Go, but tightlipped on the numbers of subscribers the mobile streaming app has.

“We chose the Philippines as the second country to launch HBO Go, and we are happy that it is doing well here.”

Lai was open to suggestions on how to make HBO Go’s service better including our suggestion to come up with a lighter version of the app that would match the internet speed in the country.

“HBO Go is exclusively a streaming app, and the feedback from the Philippines has been very positive. Of course viewers and subscribers’ suggestions will help us deliver better service and these won’t just fall on deaf ears. They will surely reach the higher-ups,” she assured.

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