Hey Ladies! Here’s the parade of shirtless men

The Cosmo carnival-themed Bachelor Bash was punctuated by a segment they called the final look –all shirtless celebrities and models who walked the ramp went back onstage, lined up and did their final tease. The confetti was blasted into the air and music went louder. That’s how the steamy Bachelor Bash ended.

The gates opened as early as 3 p.m., attendees, who went there in groups, patiently queued at different booths within the gated venue. Women and even members of the third sex were treated to free hugs, kisses and even lap dances in jail, kissing and marriage booths. Half-naked men manned the booths, of course.

However, happy hour suddenly got disrupted when heavy rain poured at around 6 p.m. Some ran for cover and some people remained hopping from one themed booth to another wearing raincoats. But it is as if the universe conspired that the rain suddenly stopped at 8 p.m., just in time for the main show, allowing the attendees to huddle before the stage to have a closer look at the models who would walk the ramp.

Cosmo men in their white board shorts

The main show featured a series of carnival-themed production numbers, too. Zeus Collins set the mood with his opening number. The tattooed model showcased his dancing skills and stripped to the delight of screaming rain-soaked crowd. This was the prelude to the many other stripping acts that happened during the entire show. Most notable of course, was Daniel Matsunaga who made everyone swoon when he removed his hood and revealed his chiseled physique and walked the runway with a mischievous smile.

Sam Adjani, John Spainhour and Vince Ferraren

The Pinoy Big Brother winner was obviously the most awaited bachelor to grace the Cosmo stage. Loud screams were heard each time a teaser of him is shown on the gigantic video walls.

Same warm reception was also given to JC De Vera and young model LA Aguinaldo.

Crowd-pleaser and Cosmo main man Daniel Matsunaga; JC De Vera posing for everyone; Kapamilya star JC De Vera is a crowd favorite

Other main attractions were modeling world’s three kings – Sam Adjani, Vince Ferraren and John Spainhour – actors Benjamin Alves, Elmo Magalona. Enzo Pineda, and Derrick Monasteryo, Alex Castro and Alex Medina, PBA player Jens Knuttel and models Kirst Viray, Clint Bondad and Amadeo Leandro.

Each one of them had their own gimmick but nothing was memorable except for Derrick Monasteryo’s “candy in the crotch” act and Enzo Pineda’s failed attempt to remove his underwear without removing his jogger pants.

Ramp and commercial model Kirst Viray is part of this year’s Centerfold; Enzo Pineda trying to pull stunt

Derrick was apparently hiding a large rainbow-swirl flat lollipop in his underwear. At the end of his turn to walk the ramp, he knelt down and pulled the lollipop out and took a bite, one of the fans standing before the stage grabbed the lollipop and sink his teeth into it as if it was the last lollipop in the world.

Meanwhile, Enzo couldn’t pull his stunt the way he planned it. At the end of the stage, he teased the audience by cutting off the seams of his underwear but for some reason he couldn’t pull his underwear out of his pants. He looked awkward walking still trying to remove the piece of clothing stuck somewhere between his legs.

Young model LA Aguinaldo flaunted his lean physique; Derrick Monasteryo’s lollipop stunt

A few more men paraded on stage in their half-naked glory, most of them were halfies and models who flew in from some other parts of the world just to grace this year’s bash to the delight ogling women, and well, men.

With this buffet of muscled and good-looking men, the audience went home satisfied albeit this year’s show being a bit tamed and less playful. None of the models ramped in skimpy underwear, no sleazy act, too. But all of them went shirtless, pulled their board shorts and joggers (the official fashion statement of the night) dangerously low. We guess that was enough, it’s not an underwear show after all.

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