Introducing Emmanuelle Adda

She travels around the globe to share her music with international audience doing one-woman cabaret shows, and her instrument? Just her voice.

Her performances almost always include songs that are beyond what young generation of music consumers would usually appreciate. Inspired by legends such as Nat King Cole, Etta James, Billy Holiday and Edith Piaf, the young singer indeed has a sophisticated taste in music.

Granddaughter of Philippine Madrigal Singers founder and conductress Andrea O. Veneration, Emmanuelle Adda has found her niche singing the blues and jazz and getting raves from audiences all over the world

Born to a musical family, Emmanuelle Adda could no longer recall when she began listening to music or play a musical instrument. All she knew is that music has been part of her life ever since she could remember.

To those who are familiar with the classical music scene in the country, Emmanuelle, or Elle as her friends call her, is the granddaughter of Philippine National Artist for Music and the founder of the Philippine Madrigal Singers, Andrea O. Veneracion. She attended the Philippine High School for the Arts in Makiling and continued to hone her talents at prestigious AMDA, New York Academy for Music and Theatre, one of America’s premier conservatories for the performing arts.

Amid her impressive musical background, Elle claims that she is not a perfect singer. In fact, she still commit mistakes once in a while, but like most music artists who have gone through an extensive and formal music education, she uses her mistakes to do better the next time she hits the stage and holds the microphone.

We had a chance to have a quick chat with the statuesque beauty currently in Manila for a few commitments. She graced a few corporate events, showed support for the recently concluded Andrea O. Veneracion Choral Competition at the CCP and is scheduled to perform at this year’s edition of Awit Awards.

Beauty queen material

Elle, her nickname, with a 5 foot 8 frame is not that hard to miss – with curly locks, contagiously bright smile and athletic yet still feminine built, we told her that she can give Binibining Pilipinas reigning queens a run for their money. Elle is indeed a beauty queen material, after all she is the niece of a former beauty queen, Peachy Veneracion, Mutya ng Pilipinas-World 1977. But she has her priorities, and it is music of course.

“I have received that compliment a few times now but I guess that’s not going to happen. Everybody has his or her own calling, and mine is just different. I travel the world to sing for different people,” Elle beams.

Elle visited The Standard office recently and gave everyone this contagious smile.

But the US-based concert vocalist is no stranger to the limelight. She also does modelling on the side and is currently the brand ambassador of sports clothing Under Armour. She has starred in stage shows and revues including Les Miserables, Miss Saigon and West Side Story to name a few. She won the prestigious IDEA international award representing her country in Hong Kong and also featured alongside the world renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers in the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

“I draw energy from the audience. It gives me an exhilarating feeling whenever I see their reaction when I perform especially when they personally tell me that I touch their lives through music,” she says.

The 25-year-old singer considers performing to a live audience as her way to communicate and express her deep passion for music. Hence she plans to stage another concert similar to her show at Green Sun Hotel last year.

Elle in her sit-down interview with the author

“Performing live gives me that different feeling…You are onstage performing before an audience as if there’s no separation exist between you and the people watching and listening to you. That’s a surreal experience that inspires me create something new and challenge myself each time I hit the stage,” the singer enthuse.

More importantly, Elle believes in the virtue of making herself always prepared for each and every performance. It’s a conscious effort to recognize her responsibility to her audience.

And like her mantra as an artist, Elle prepares for even bigger dream to make an indelible mark on the music scene. In the meantime, she cruises around the world, performing for international audiences, enchanting them with her diverse repertoire. In the process, she collects memories and experience which she may use perhaps in an all original album.

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