Ariana Grande Bang-bangs Manila

American singer Ariana Grande staged a sold out concert at the Mall of Asia Arena proving why she is the next big thing on the international music scene. She paid tribute to Whitney Houston and Madonna singing their classic hits as if saying that they’re already a thing of the past and she’s the pop star to watch out for.

We can encapsulate our experience at The Honeymoon Tour concert held on Sunday in just three words – surprising, entertaining and deafening.

Ariana Grande belting out some familiar tunes

The 22-year-old singer is very well known for her four-octave soprano vocal range, but what is more surprising about the petite chanteuse is her ability to sustain high notes and keep her voice solid and strong amid the difficulty of each number that required her to follow an elaborate choreography ( beat that!).

Ariana and her dancers

The former child star started the show with the bang of Jesse J’s irresistibly catchy “Bang Bang.” In high heels and leg-revealing outfit, she spoke little (which was limited to “I can’t hear you” and “Make some noise, Manila”) and sang a lot, unleashing her powerful vocals that validated (at least to our ears) her outstanding singing ability. And it was understandable; she came here to sing in the first place.

Ariana during the show’s encore

It’s also interesting how kissing a dancer, swaying her hips and by just raising her hand could launch the audience into frenzy. Similarly, by looking at how audience responded with loud shrieks, you’ll already get entertained. Imagine even celebrities like Kim Chiu, Liza Soberano and Kathryn Bernardo were screaming like any other rabid fans that sported Ariana’s signature cat ears and trooped to the venue. Talk about becoming mere mortals for a night.

Ariana did not just showcase her flawless voice, she also  flaunted her killer legs

The show is very entertaining, to say the least. Ariana did not need any extravagant stage design – her vocals as her instrument and her undeniable stage presence were more than enough to punctuate her Manila tour a resounding success.

Ariana opened the show with Bang Bang number

She did not disappoint the fans. The show featured all the trappings of a big-time pop spectacle, including a top-notch band, athletic dancers, DJ and a string quartet, plus cool lighting. Her biggest hits culled from her two multi-platinum records like “Yours Truly,” “My Everything,” “Be My Baby,” “Right There,” “The Way,” “Baby-I,” “Tattooed Heart,” “One Last Try,” “Love Me Harder,” “Honeymoon Avenue” and seven other songs, which she sang in quick succession, were all part of the set list.

Ariana’s Honeymoon Tour concert was both visual and  vocal spectacle

And by the end of the concert we could no longer hear ourselves. Perhaps it was the extremely loud sound system and the collective shrieks and screams of thousands of fans that reverberated in the Arena.

“I just wanted to say thank you. I love you guys so, so much. I wanted to perform for you guys for such a long time… So I’m finally here. I’m happy to finally see you guys in person. And hopefully I’ll come back soon,” she told her fans before ending the show.

Soaring high – Ariana was hitting high notes while dancing  onstage

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