A song for modern-day heroes #GoogleMissKoNa

Google Philippines collaborates with five well-known local bands and musicians to help create the song meant to recognize and celebrate close to 12 million Overseas Filipino Workers. It aims to reconnect them with the things they miss back home through music.

Sponge Cola joins four other music artists in a Google Philippines song project

The tech giant is working with Sponge Cola, ItchyWorms and Kjwan, band vocalist Ebe Dancel and YouTube star Mikey Bustos, who will be putting melody to the lyrics and will be recording the song together. The song will be released on Sept. 1 exclusively on YouTube, just in time for the National Heroes’ Day.

“In our effort to make the lives of Filipinos easier, we strive to provide Filipino families ways to stay connected wherever in the world they may be,” said Ryan Morales, Google Philippines country marketing manager. “This is why we thought of creating this song to deliver the fond memories of our overseas Filipinos across the miles through music and technology. We are inviting every Filipino to join in the fun by contributing lyrics to the song.”

Morales furthered that anyone can submit their contribution by simply using the hash tag #GoogleMissKoNa on their posts on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram posts. And for every submission, Php1 donation will be made on behalf of the collaborators to the Blas Ople Policy Center & Training Institute. These donations will be used to build halfway houses for victims of human trafficking.

“This is going to be an exciting initiative. On our part as artists, this project is going to be a big challenge. We’re going to work on a crowd-sourced material so we’re going to have a lot of different ideas. I think in doing this project, mutual respect will play a big role. Everybody is a good songwriter and musician,” said one of the artists during the press launch held last week.

This initiative is part of Google Philippines’ “Balikbayan” campaign, which aims to reconnect overseas Filipinos with their families and friends and help them sustain and enrich their relationships despite physical barriers.

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