Cory Quirino’s fountain of youth

Do you want to live beyond 100 years? Sure Cory Quirino does.

Last week, the Miss World Philippines national director and wellness guru joined a few members of the press in an intimate event to launch a new product.

Cory Qurino encourages everyone to drink Organique Acai Premium Blend, a powerful antioxidant

Right at the venue, the 61-year-old Cory made rounds and started talking to the people as if she was the main host of the program. She instantly built rapport with the scribes.

“Hi, I want to invite you in a fun run this October. It’s a 4-in-1 lifestyle event, you can run, bike or just walk. PWDs can also join,” she beamed at everyone while handing out her business card.

The fun run she was talking about coincides with her grandfather’s (Elpidio Quirino) birthday and Cory was stoked to share with the media why she’s excited about the event, which is also free for everyone who’s interested to join.

Cory’s lifestyle revolves around giving out health and beauty advices. She believes that the key to a longer life is over-all wellness.

“Look at my Dyosa card,” Cory held up her senior citizen card for everyone to see, “I got this last year and the staff at the city hall in Mandaluyong couldn’t believe that I’m already a senior citizen. They said I was in denial, I told them that my secret is just the lifestyle that I have, the food I eat, and how I deal with everyday life.”

She also mentioned that taking in supplements can help delay aging process hence, together with dancer and fitness enthusiast Regine Tolentino, Cory proudly endorsers Organique Acai Premium Blend, a powerful antioxidant that encapsulated acai (pronounced as ah-sah-ee) berries in a bottle.

Acai berry is dark purple in color and has been a staple in the diet of the indigenous people of Brazil for centuries. Touted by many as the king of super foods, the acai berry is rich in antioxidants, which combat cell damage. It contains omega oil, which is necessary for the proper function of the brain and cardiovascular system. It has all the basic vitamins and minerals that our body needs aside from being high in dietary fiber.

According to Cathy Salimbangon, vice-president for Marketing of Organique Inc., Cory is endorsing the product free of charge.

“I’ve known the acai berry for so many years that’s why when I heard that it’s now available in the Philippines, I instantly said yes when they approached me to endorse the product. I feel young and look young because this has been part of my diet,” she mused.

As her parting words, she said, “If you embrace a wellness lifestyle you can live for 120 years, and there are a few studies that can support that. Just go back to natural way…go back to fruits and vegetables.”

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