Niño Muhlach says he is not a stage father

Five-year-old Alonzo Muhlach has obviously followed in the footstep of his father, former child star Niño Muhlach. Now, the latter has been following his son almost everywhere to make sure he’s doing just fine.

But the 43-year-old Onin (as he’s fondly called by the press and his fans) was quick to say he’s not a stage father.

“It’s normal for any parent to think of their (sic) children’s welfare. In my case, I just wanted to see that Alonzo is being taken care of. I can’t afford to entrust my child just to anyone,” Niño told The Standard during the launch of McDonald’s new TVC featuring the father and son tandem.

Niño Muhlach and his son Alonzo are featured in the new McDonald’s TVC

The former child star sees his son’s career headed to the right direction but somehow he doesn’t think Alonzo would be able to surpass what he had done when he was a kid. He explained that in his time he was doing five films a year, which is quite impossible to happen now considering the changes in showbiz landscape where child stars are having tough time competing among each other and television is more dominant than movies.

“During my time, movies talaga ang batayan ng kasikatan ng isang artista. But now, people consider a star successful when he’s popular on TV. So I don’t think Alonzo would do five movies a year since the industry don’t do that anymore,” Niño explained.

The father of two is positive that his son is doing a fine job. That’s why at this stage in Alonzo’s career he plans what the kid can do and what he can’t because he wants him to enjoy his childhood.

“When I was a child star, I didn’t feel I was working. I considered the set as my playground. Now, with Alonzo, of course, kids get tired so we make it a point that the he doesn’t get exhausted with too much work,” he said.

Currently, Alonzo is preparing for three films. The first one will start filming next week. It’s a movie with Vice Ganda and Coco Martin, an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. The child star will also do a remake of Niño’s iconic movie Kuwatog (1979), which will start filming later this year.

“If Alonzo were doing TV we wouldn’t get any movie commitment. We want him to have a balanced life as a kid especially right now that he has started going to (a) regular school,” he ended.

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