Is ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ still relevant?

ABS-CBN has introduced the names of the contestants in the latest edition of Pinoy Big Brother series. The new roster of housemates, to the delight of many Kapamilya fans, also includes Enchong Dee who represents Quezon City as the “Swabeng Swimmer.”

It was later revealed that Enchong will be one of the hosts of PPB. As part of the tradition, he must immerse by becoming a housemate first.

You see, the network is really exhausting all possible ways to ensure that PBB’s latest edition, which also marks its 10th year anniversary, will be the talk of the town. In fact, housemates appeared on several shows like It’s Showtime, TV Patrol, ASAP and Aquino & Abunda Tonight before finally entering the famous house. It looks like a big affair for the station because of the media mileage and the amount of time they have spent on a single program. But what do fans get out of watching housemates for hours doing literally nothing?

Oh, lest we forget, they have weekly and individual tasks that they need to successfully accomplish to guarantee their stay in the house for another week. In these tasks, people see how drama unfolds. They are also made to believe that there are a few life lessons that serve as their take away.

For those who religiously follow Kuya and his housemates, yes, it’s a wonderful entertainment. Although unproductive, it somehow makes them feel that they are seeing the “real personality” of the housemates inside Bahay ni Kuya. Fans can easily relate to them because they’re just ordinary Joes and Janes (supposedly) who are very close to their chance at stardom.

In hindsight, obsessive fans overlook the fact that reality shows are there to make money for their creator. They are relevant because PBB, television history speaking, always win the ratings race. And winning the numbers game dictates the numbers of product placement. Simple equation really.

PBB House

Now, it can be said, PBB has been successful, very successful in making Filipino viewers believe that this is the “teleserye ng totoong buhay.” True enough, it reflects real life where diversity is just an illusion, talentless people become celebrities, and viewers spend so much time on TV when they should be doing far more important things in real world.

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