#JuanVibe is the new ‘Gimik ng Bayan’

The country’s leading messaging app, Viber, recently announced that it has hit a huge 21- million user threshold. And they are celebrating this milestone through a campaign that champions what Filipinos value the most – family, friendship and culture.

Viber Philippines officials with the members of technology and entertainment press

Dubbed as #JuanVibe, it’s a follow-up campaign to Viber’s #OneVibePH, where the company staged a massive music fest that gathered some of the biggest names on the local music scene. They also flew in international DJs to liven up the whole party. Viber practically invaded the live music circuit with concerts and parties that catered to young people.

This time, with the new campaign, Viber aims not only to further expand its presence in the country but to also have a deeper connection with all Viber app users.

Viber Philippines officials during the launch of #JuanVibe campaign Viber Country Manager for the Philippines Crystal Lee in a sit down interview with the media

 #JuanVibe is a touch base with app users allowing the company to have a deeper connection with them, encourage more people to use the app and ultimately engage them (Viber app users) in their numerous activities.

Crystal Lee, Viber country manager for the Philippines, believes that, for them to achieve this goal, it’s imperative to reach out to their target market. Starting this month until August, the Viber team will visit malls in Metro Manila before heading to other cities in the provinces. They will set up fiesta themed booths and conduct various activities under ‘Gimik ng Bayan’ campaign.

“The new campaign shows how Viber is part of daily Pinoy life and how we share this experience with them, whether on mobile or via Viber Desktop. It’s a call for everyone to bond and celebrate the most important things that make us Pinoy,” the Viber official said.

With a campaign that promotes national pride, Viber users are invited to join the #JuanVibe social media campaign by asking this question to their Viber Group: “Anong mahalaga sa ‘yo bilang Pilipino? (What’s important to you as Filipino?)” Viber users can post their chat screenshots via Twitter and tag @ViberPH with hashtag #JuanVibe.

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