Yeng and Yan’s secret to strong relationship

When we talk about two opposites come together and complement each other to create a better twosome, newlyweds Yeng Constantino and Yan Asuncion can easily come into mind.

The young couple, who exchanged vows on Valentine’s Day this year, shared that their opposite personalities are the reason why they are fit for each other.

“He’s a deep sleeper, I am not. I’m very loud, he’s very soft spoken,” Yeng told The Standard in an interview.

The perky rock singer was ecstatic telling us stories how they are as a couple. She revealed that they rarely fight but that doesn’t mean they are a perfect pair of husband and wife. She’s actually very open talking about their flaws during interviews because she wants people know that they are just any other normal young married couple.

“I’m very proud of her. To be honest, I can’t still believe someone of her stature would one day become my wife,” the rock vocalist Yan gushed.

But what really makes them stick together is their conscious effort to recognize each other’s weaknesses and celebrate their strengths. They also value their time together. They don’t let a day pass without having a small conversation before they head to work.

Recent couple Yan Asuncion and Yeng Constantino are partners in a new food venture, a burger and  pasta joint called The Ostrich Farm at Blue Bay Walk in Pasay

 “I can hardly wake up in the morning but I make it a point to wake early para sabay kami na mag-kape. We just talk tapos lahat ng phone nakabaliktad,” Yeng said describing how they’d start their mornings.

It’s known to everyone that music is part of the couple’s life. Yeng is a singer and Yan is band vocalist and a songwriter. Yan even wrote three songs for Yeng’s new album.

This passion brought them together as what we’ve heard in a TV special chronicling how fate brought them together. But little did many people know that dining out is really their bonding time. They love food as much as they like music. In fact, Yeng, who hasn’t cooked before, has started going to the kitchen to cook and serve her husband dishes, like adobo, afritada, tinola and kare-kare. She shared that she only learned how to cook through YouTube’s do-it-yourself and tutorial videos.

“We both love food, the dining table is our favorite hangout. We have gained a few pounds since February so now we are trying to lose them,” Yeng said.

No wonder, their passion for food has given them the idea to venture into food business. Just recently, Yeng and Yan invited a few members of the press to the launch of The Ostrich Farm, a burger and pasta joint at Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City.

The small restaurant is just one of the few establishments Yeng has put up. She also co-owns a resto bar, which has three branches now.

Venturing into the restaurant business did not just come out of the blue according to the couple. But the story on what really encouraged them to begin their entrepreneurial adventure started on their wedding day. Their business partner sponsored their wedding cocktails and they received nothing but great feedback. The guests liked the burger made out of ostrich patties. And that made them decide that they wanted a restaurant that sells ostrich burger.

Four months into their marriage, the young couple is discovering a lot of things about each other and they still want to enjoy what they have at the moment. Having children will have to wait. They said baby plan will come in two years’ time. For now, growing their business and helping people through employment are their top priorities, apart of course from making great music together.

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