If your idea of a travel show is a program that promotes fine luxury, fancy hotels, gourmet dishes and jet-setting from one location to another, then History Channel’s Ride N’ Seek is not the one you are looking for.

It may not be a substitute for the real thing, which is really getting out there to experience the world, but this travel documentary can be an interesting alternative.

Jaime Dempsey is in the country to explore destinations never been featured in her show Ride N Seek

Picture this – a California girl riding a big bike immersing herself in local culture and experiencing what even many locals have not experienced before.

The travel documentary is back on its third season and is now training the spotlight on the Philippines as host Jaime Dempsey explores the country’s uncharted and most intriguing locations.

Jaime arrived in Manila early last week to embark on a four-week adventure starting from up north then going down south, pretty much traversing Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao riding her big bike.

A biker for almost 10 years now, California girl Jaime, has gone through electrifying excursions across Malaysia and Brunei in Seasons 1 and 2. The effervescent host thrives on tackling worlds totally different from her own, sharing that “being in these foreign environments is something that gets me all perked up.”

In an exclusive interview with The Standard, Jaime revealed that she and her crew are still in the dark having no exact idea on what to expect in this yet another journey featuring an entirely different place and culture. But these things are certain: this season is much bigger in terms of production; and it will have its premiere telecast in August.

“That’s the beauty of it. You head on an adventure not knowing what to expect. That’s the real essence of this travel show.

It inspires people to venture out into the unknown,” she relates.

And as she takes viewers along for the ride, she also offers them new perspectives and insights that pique an interest in these places – whether previously unknown or seemingly familiar.

“It’s nice to be thrown in situations you are least familiar with because it makes for interesting stories and memories. Don’t you think it’s great when you just pull over on the side of the road then marvel on the sceneries? Take a picture of something that catches your fancy, something totally random and unplanned?” she asks in excitement.


The Ride N’ Seek host promises that the whole journey is going to be a wild ride as she interacts with locals and immerses herself in the country’s culture via an exploration of Mount Mayon’s lava trails, and playing Juego de Anillo or Game of Rings, which would require her to ride on horseback while holding a dagger as she tries to get rings off a pole.

Part of her still undisclosed itinerary is a dive into Verde Passage in Mindoro, white water rafting, planting rice, learning balisong tricks (probably in Batangas), and getting a tribal tattoo in the mountains of Kalinga and Ifugao.

“As you can see, these tattoos (showing off her sleeve tattoo on both arms) represent my life. A tiger for being fierce, phoenix for being reborn. Now, I’m planning to get another tattoo in Kalinga from a 94-year-old tattoo artist that executes traditional technique using thorns and bamboo sticks, which would remind me of my whole experience here in the Philippines,” expresses her enthusiasm on being permanently inked by Kalinga’s “last tattoo artist.”

When asked how the Philippines ended up as the show’s latest destination, Jaime revealed that it all happened on social media. Jaime maintains some social media accounts and when she asked her fans which destination should she visit next, a great number of people suggested Philippines to be her next pit stop and she was impressed on the massive response from people when she officially announced their final choice.

“And just like the previous seasons, this is going to be a mix of everything – sights, people and local culture. I’ll explore that while on my bike.

I know the terrain here is more treacherous compared to my place back home but that adds more fun and challenge to this whole adventure,” Jaime ends.

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