Willie Revillame is back on TV

Are you ready for Willie Revillame?

This question goes out to the television host’s diehard supporters who seriously anticipate his comeback and also to his fervent critics who will definitely keep an eye on him simply to watch his every move just to find fault.

And just to further the question, you’ll better be ready by now because everything is already set for Willie’s new show except for the venue, which will not really be a big problem for sure.

Willie Revillame returns to TV, thanks to friends Joey de Leon and
Mike Enriquez

One-and-a-half years after the last time he was seen on television, Willie is set to make a comeback via a game show slash variety program to be directed by his pal Randy Santiago. The show pilots on May 10 and will be called, guess what, WowoWin.


Willie Revillame and the Kauso bigwigs

On March 20, Willie announced his return to the boob tube after he signed an airtime agreement with GMA Network. The meeting appeared to be a very important event for the network as bigwigs Atty. Felipe Gozon, Gilberto R. Duavit, Jr., and Felipe S. Yalong were there.

Although the contract does not make Willie an exclusive talent of the Kapuso network, Atty. Gozon said he was pleased to have the 54-year-old host back with them because of the latter’s large following. If what he meant by “Willie’s big following as an asset to GMA-7” was bigger audience share and big improvement on the ratings performance for the network, this writer would have to observe more and get the answer straight from the source just to validate. But for someone who is as controversial as Willie, media mileage is no longer a question here as we were all witnesses as to how Willie slightly changed primetime TV landscape (when TV5 aired Willing Willie on a timeslot usually reserved for an evening newscast) and how he made headlines that prompted the suspension and ultimately the cancellation of his previous shows.

His stature now is a far cry to what he was when he stared out in showbiz. Willie Revillame wasn’t a big name until Wowowee, a show known for its tacky way of glamorizing poverty and featuring scantily clad female dancers gyrating onstage with or without any music in the background. Playing sidekicks to big stars, his break on the small screen began when he played bit roles in GMA’s Lunch Date in the early 90s and later in ABS-CBN programs. Then in 1998, he became one of the hosts in the noontime show Magandang Tanghali Bayan. He eventually got to host his own variety show Wowowee in 2005, which was axed in 2010.

A few months ago, Willie was in talks about buying airtime on GMA-7 with the help of his former rival Joey de Leon who lobbied the idea to the network’s management. His return means being back in power. He is known for his capability of winning the heart of the masses, which would ultimately bring more viewers to the network. Since WowoWin is slated to air after the musical variety Sunday All Stars, GMA-7 will have a chance to reinvigorate its poor ratings performance in this idle timeslot.

So, what’s in store for Willie’s fans?

The new show will run for one-and-a-half hours and will solely be hosted by Willie. His staff from TV5 before will be the same production running the new show. WowoWin will feature a “Bigyan ng Jacket” segment, which, in his previous shows, saw Willie giving out cash and a jacket that bore the name of the program he’s hosting.

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