Who is Rey Pamaran?

In the recent teleserye-like brouhaha involving Melissa Mendez and Andrew Wolff, another character is mentioned. Most of the time, in news reports, he is only referred to as “Andrew’s friend”. 

Rey Pamaran bio

The guy who uttered the now infamous line,” ‘Pag ‘di ka pa umalis d’yan hahampasin na kita ng bag ko sa mukha mo,” actually has a name – Rey Pamaran. But who is Mr. Pamaran?

Rey Pamaaran and his men

Rey is the patriarch of Arpee Team (Army of Responsible Professionals, Entertainers, & Entrepreneurs) that aims to build fitness gyms across the country (according to his facebook). He is known for his car collection and for being surrounded by “beautiful and gorgeous people,” mostly male models and athletes. In their pictures, these men are always topless.

Rey Pamaran topless

Rey has a big network being a relative to influential people and politicians down south. He’s a successful (read very rich) businessman in Pagadian City and his business ventures include mining and pyramiding.  He is 48 years old and still a bachelor.

Rey Pamaran nude scandal

He is a jet-setter and stands 6 feet tall. That explains why Mr. Pamaran requires the desired seats in airplane because he needs additional leg space whenever he travels.

Rey Pamaran and JC de Vera.jpg-large

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