Viva makes good music videos, too

VIVA Entertainment is known for producing commercially viable films, this time around, the entertainment company cooks up something to delight music consumers.

It may not be as big as ABS-CB’s Star Music, which has half-a-million YouTube subscribers, but Viva Music group’s YouTube Channel is showing a lot of potential. Of late, the channel has produced music videos that suit the taste of music aficionados especially those who prefer watching music rather than listening to them.

From Sarah Geronimo’s flashy and visually stunning “Kilometro” released a month ago, to Yassi Pressman’s K-Pop inspired “Hush” (featuring Nadine Lustre) that premiered just last week, Viva’s music group is not showing any signs of slowing down. It’s good to note that both videos are attracting significant number of viewers. Sarah’s MV already has over a million views while Yassi’s electro-tinged dance video already has over a hundred thousand views since its release five days ago.

Hush by Yassi Pressman featuring Nadine Lustre

The success of both videos lies on snappy and well executed choreography, impressive visual effects and stylized treatments and, of course, their catchy melody. But striking computer-generated imagery is not the only element present in the music videos released by Viva recently, flawless editing is apparent as well. Take James Reid’s music video for “Huwag Ka Nang Humirit” for example. The execution of the scenes, of course, is well directed. And the editing, interestingly managed to create a good transition from one scene to another.

James Reid in his suit and tie

In the black and white music video, the 21-year-old Kapamilya star shows off his dance moves a la Justin Timberlake. The MV quickly went viral after being released online two weeks ago. The RnB-dance track about convincing a girl into a relationship was written by Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana, the same duo behind Sarah Geronimo’s “Kilometro” and “Ikot-Ikot,” and Sam Concepcion’s “Dati.”

As the key to a successful single now is to make a really entertaining music video to accompany the track, it seems that Viva Records knows exactly where it’s headed.

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