The price of love and massive piece of cake

DID Dingdong Dantes pay for the 30-million-peso wedding with Marian Rivera? That is the big question.

Dingdong and Marian tied the knot in a lavish ceremony attended by high profile personalities in showbiz, business and politics on Dec. 30 last year. The nuptials gained both the attention of the local and international media not because of the attendees though. Basically, the whole world, at least those who were online, was baffled all because of a wedding cake.

World's biggest cake

This massive wedding cake is probably the biggest in the world.

The centerpiece of the grand reception, of what the couple’s mother network dubbed as the “Royal Wedding,” was a five-tiered cake standing over 12 feet tall and said to be worth P7 million (Seriously, for a cake? Meaning it’s even more expensive than the bride’s P2-million Michael Cinco haute couture Swarovski crystal-studded gown?).

Prominent news sites like the USA’s ABC and Britain’s Mirror queried if the massive sweet baked dessert is the world’s biggest cake made for a wedding. The 3D-mapped cake, which weighed 120 kilos, was also featured in Good Morning America and on Fox News.

Naturally, netizens would take it to social media to share this kind of stories saying how proud they are because a Filipino is being talked about by the whole world. And this was the same avenue that opened a lot of questions when people learned how much the wedding cost the couple. In fact, people were asking if indeed Dingdong paid for the wedding or if it was staged through ex-deals and through the proactive stance of sponsors who wanted to ride the bandwagon of the wedding of the year.

But while some reports state that the couple’s mother network funded the grandiose wedding for marketing and investment purposes, Teena Barretto, the couple’s wedding coordinator, came to the defense of the celebrity couple saying the groom paid for the whole wedding. She also said only less than five percent of the wedding budget was paid for by sponsors.

More than making an argument whether or not he has deep pocket and multiple bank accounts or that the wedding coordinator was just a dummy to shield the couple from unforgiving flak from critics, Dingdong, like any other groom, just wanted to give Marian the wedding she truly deserves.

DongYan: Just married!

DongYan: Just married!

There are absurd claims that say the wedding cost the ace actor P100 million. And this figure instantaneously got mixed reactions, criticizing the couple for extreme display of extravagance considering the recent calamities that hit the Philippines. They even went as far as discussing poverty relating it to the couple’s special day.

Whether it’s a fact or just a made up figure by their rabid fans, their wedding has already made its mark and it would take years for any celebrity weddings to top what this union has shown the world. Also, Dingdong is one of the highest paid and highest earning actors in the country. It’s a fact that he also has numerous business ventures and has been consistently part of the top tax-payers list of the Bureau of Internal Revenues. Hence, either 30 or 100 million pesos, he can definitely afford this lavish wedding and he or the couple for that matter, should not apologize for that. They can do whatever they please and resolving the issue on poverty in this country is not their responsibility—their happiness is.

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