Little known things about Vic Sotto

VIC Sotto’s life has been open to the world but there are a few things that most Dabarkads don’t know about the 60 year-old TV host/comedian.

A ubiquitous figure on television with top-rating shows and a number of TV commercials, not a lot of people know how dedicated Bossing (as most fans call him) is to his craft and what motivates him to keep on making people entertained every single day.

Vic Sotto citi global

“I’m a laid back person. I am very relaxed at work as if I am just enjoying surrounded by my peers in Eat Bulaga. I consider every show as a brand new show that’s why this program lasted this long. What I am saying is if you love what you are doing, you can hardly feel stressed out,” Vic told the entertainment media at a recent press conference.

True enough, when he entered the venue Vic greeted the press with a welcoming aura saying, “I’m seeing familiar faces,” and jested, “Is this the press con for My Big Bossing? Tara kwentuhan na lang tayo (come on, let’s just talk).”

Vic met with the entertainment press to talk about his latest endorsement. For the first time he agreed to endorse a real estate company that promotes smart and affordable real estate investments.

The host-comedian explained that the reason he’s endorsing Citi Global, the name of the real estate company, is due to the fact that they complement each other in a sense that they both have a deep sense of purpose. In the same way, when asked what encouraged the company to take Vic’s service, Citi Global’s Vice President Elizabeth To opened up: “When we were doing our research about Vic, we found out that he, together with Joey de Leon and Tito Sotto, had to work for six months without being paid just to keep Eat Bulaga running during its difficult year. We thought that Vic is really the right person because from that fact alone, we see how dedicated this man is.”

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