SPINNR Radio, anyone?

IT has been a year since Smart Communication, Inc. introduced Filipinos to the homegrown, original music streaming app that is SPINNR. And the app that provided millions daily access to the soundtracks of their lives has gone far beyond the SPINNR experience it promised from its inception.

Now the country’s most preferred music streaming service turns one year and to cue in SPINNR’s milestone,  SPINNR Radio, another free service, was launched at 71 Gramercy  in Makati on Nov. 6. 

SPINNR has revolutionized the music consumption habits of Filipinos nationwide by introducing music streaming to the mainstream market through its very affordable package offers. With the addition of SPINNR Radio, the music streaming app has taken free music listening to a whole new level.

Subscribers can now free-flowingly listen to tracks or choose a playlist they prefer via SPINNR Radio without spending anything for the data or even  a music subscription.

To access SPINNR Radio: first, download the app to your smartphone via the Play Store/App Store or go tohttp://www.spinnr.ph then log in and lastly click opn Radio.

SPINNR is a homegrown Filipino music portal and mobile streaming service that enables Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular subscribers to download and stream songs for as low as P2.50 per day or P49 a month without additional data charges. Spinnr apps are available on iOS and Android devices, as well as on the web via http://www.spinnr.ph.spinnr

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