Rock meets orchestra at ‘#LifeRocksPH’

HOW many times do you see a fusion of rock and classical music on stage?

Indeed, you are in for a musical treat when elements of classical music are integrated into rock music or vice versa. This musical approach takes both old and modern audiences to a whole new level of musical orientation, not to mention enhancing their musical experience.

At a very rare occasion, former Sugarfree frontman Ebe Dancel, Wolfgang vocalist Basti Artadi, and top acts Sandwich and Radioactive Sago Project performed onstage with the the Manila Symphony Orchestra.

(From top, clockwise) Marc Abaya’s Kjwan, Razorback, Basti Artardi, Radioactive Sago Project, Imago, and Sandwich


Entitled Life Rocks, the musical event held on Oct. 23 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Pasay City also featured Razorback, Tres Marias, Imago, Kjwan, and Megan Aguilar. It was a two-and-a-half hour musical treat for both rock and classical music enthusiasts including those who appreciate contemporary collaborations.

With Diwa de Leon as the musical director, familiar OPM songs like Imago’s “Sundo” and “Akap” were rearranged for the orchestra. As evident in the show, it also endeavored experimenting and bringing new music to a broad and varied audience.

“We intend to do this annually. In fact we are already planning to have the next leg of this concert series in December and another one in March,” Yana Acosta, concert producer, told the Standard Today during the event’s press conference.

A concert for a cause

The concert, which was organized by AVA Prime and Philippine Life Insurance Association, aims to help and contribute to the continuing efforts in rebuilding the lives of our incapacitated brothers and sisters across the Philippines.

Proceeds shall be for the scholarship of those who have been orphaned by the recent calamities that ravaged the country. The selection process shall be via the institutional partnership with Museo Pambata and the scholarship program of the Manila Symphony Orchestra.

“We intend to supply their education until college,” Acosta revealed and added, “We are trying to save the lives of the children incapacitated by calamities through this rock concert.”

Acosta made it clear that even if the concert is a benefit event, the artists who performed did not do it pro bono.

“We are the one that invited them and we respect their talent and artistry. Considering that these artists will also appear in the next legs of the concert series, they must be paid,” Acosta affirmed.

According to the concert producer, Life Rocks is the first of many events that comprises the launch and advocacy of the upcoming music lifestyle show, The Lineup, which begins airing in November on TV 5. It is in the same program where the beneficiaries of the scholarship program will be featured. A documentary will follow the stories of the beneficiaries for a year.

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