PLDT Fibr Woes

I have been a SmartBro subscriber (using a Motorola Wi-Max indoor device) since 2006 until I requested for disconnection in September 2014. From July to September I had experienced intermittent Internet connection and there were times that I didn’t have any connection at all (read related article here).

I reported the incident to SmartBro call center dozens of times. I even spoke to their higher-ups for them to expedite my request – to restore my internet connection.

My simple request was just to restore my connection, I was pleading for three months. I waited on the queue over the phone just to speak to their incompetent call center agents just to be advised of the very same empathy spiel, “We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Mid-September, a PLDT agent passed by our house  and left a literature on PLDT MyHome DSL, a 3-in-1 package that includes Internet connection (PLDT Fibr), landline and cable TV.

“PLDT HOME Fibr Plan – Nothing beats Fibr. The most powerful ultra-fast fiber optic broadband connection in the Philippines!”

Great ad, yeah? Sure a lot of people were wooed by this marketing tool just exactly like what it did to me.

I fill out the form even though it means we’re going to have a second landline (who needs two landline connections these days?), I just really need an internet connection. I can’t always rely on my mobile phone’s data because pages load too slow.

PLDT HOME-Fibr dns problem

A week later, a PLDT crew arrived at our residence to install the landline and internet connection.  I was amazed at the speed of PLDT Fibr, it was fast for both my laptop and desktop including other mobile devices. People at home were surprised with the speed of the wi-fi compared to the data connection they currently rely on.

I thought everything was perfect until just a few days after installation, I suddenly experienced bad connection, wi-fi couldn’t connect and landline was on busy tone. I called the attention of PLDT through their call center and Twitter account. Connection was restored after 4 days. Then here came the billing statement asking me to pay for a service I didn’t enjoy. To add insult to injury, they told me refund will reflect in 2 to 3 billing cycle.

Alright, 4 days with no connection, I could bear with that. Everything worked just fine when after a few days, the connection went busted again. This time, it’s not just for four days. This is still an unresolved issue as of this writing; I still don’t have any internet connection. I just rely on my Globe data connection, which sometime also lets me down.

I transferred to PLDT Fibr hoping that this will bring a reliable internet connection at home. Apparently, I was just led to a ditch where I would need to scramble and stress myself out talking to a PLDT representative over the phone. I am calling them endlessly but I am getting tired. I am getting tired of collecting reference numbers which purpose I don’t understand.

They don’t take action right away, which sucks even more. Two weeks of no internet connection is totally unacceptable if not infuriating. Why can’t a big company that monopolizes internet service in this country solve the issue in a day or two? If I live in a remote area, I would understand. But regardless I’m paying for the service, I should get what I deserve. I’m not asking for a superior or excellent customer service. I just want my connection restored.

Probably I’m barking at the wrong tree. I keep on complaining over the phone talking to their managers, but it’s not their fault. I guess they’re just doing their job. I should be blaming the network that runs the business. You see Smart Communication and PLDT are under the same umbrella. I should have realized that beforehand. PLDTFibr is the best deal in town, or maybe not. Stupid me.

13 responses to “PLDT Fibr Woes

  1. How much did you pay for these each month ?

    • Hi Shulz, the issue is now resolved. But to answer your question, I’m paying almost 2000 pesos each month.

      • Why is that in their website there is no 3 in 1 package ? All I see is the Fibr lite plan 1899, I think telephone and TV is not included and the Fibr Plan costs heavily at 3500 with tv .

        • Kristine Caro

          1899 plan includes phone and 50GB of internet. 3500 has unlimited internet and an option to add cable tv from cignal but you have to pay an additional 299 if you avail of this option.

  2. As a photographer, I need some sort of an internet speed higher than normal because I have editing jobs out of the country and it requires speed faster than normal people can have.Right now I have Globe 7mbps which do its work but I am thinking of going PLDT fibr to address my needs. Upon reading this, I think, I will just stick to my globe connection. Thank you for the insight.

  3. Hello, have you recently experienced problems regarding your internet services? I’m planning on applying but I can’t decide just yet.

  4. Hi Nickie, are you saying that FIBR is better now? need your insight on this as i am also deciding what provider will i get.


    • Hi Dandy! So far FIBR is the fastest connection I’ve had. I can say it’s generally reliable but whenever I experience intermittent connection (which rarely happens now), the call center can hardly attend to my issues. That’s where the problem comes in. There’s always a delay in service if you’d rely on their tech support.

  5. Thanks Nickie.. appreciate the feedback, i think ill go with FIBR. 🙂

  6. Hi, Nickie. I’ve been eyeing the 3500 PLDT Fibr connection for days now and I’ve been searching for reliable reviews regarding it. So I stumbled upon this blog entry of yours and was wondering if you can give me specific information about your experience using the fibr service.

    1. You said that you’re paying almost 2000 per month, so what internet speed are you promised? (ie. 8 mbps)
    2. Are you getting anywhere near their promised speed? (can be verified by using
    3. Do you experience sudden high traffic through the network, specifically the slowing down of webpage loading, etc?
    4. How often does it occur? Do you recognize any pattern to when it happens? (ie, during the afternoon, or during rainy days.)

    That’s all for now, I hope you can respond to the best of your ability. I’ll highly appreciate it. And I’ll thank you in advance for helping a bro out. God bless.

    • Hi Drew, I would love to answer all of your questions but I guess the problem I encountered was an isolated case worsen by a terrible customer service. At the moment I’m quite satisfied with the internet speed but I’m praying that I will no longer experience any connection problem because PLDT is extremely terrible at resolving any connection issues more so in replacing your unit (i.e., router or telephone unit including fiber cables). Once in while, I still experience slowing down of webpage loading and when it happens I instantly change to my mobile data or my portable pocket wi-fi. I am not really bothered by internet speed though. I only use my internet connection at home in sending emails. In terms of internet provider, we don’t have much of a choice. So, it’s up to you now whether or not you will avail their service.

  7. Hello Nickie! I’m also considering the PLDT Home Fibr plan because of its promise of a faster and reliable internet connection. Although, I still have reservations because of the hundreds of complaints about PLDT’s customer service and technical support, I feel that I have no other options left. It’s a choice between the lesser evil. GLOBE is a nightmare both in slow signals and connection as well as customer service. I have to change provider A.S.A.P. Is there a lock-in with PLDT Fibr? Do you have to be under contract for at least 12 months (standard)? How long were you approved upon application? Also, it took a week for your connection to be installed, Is this the standard time or may take more than a week in some cases?

    • I was surprised myself when it got installed in a matter of days. I think they’re fast when installation of new connection is concerned. As of now, I have no issues on speed. But I am praying not to have any issues anymore because it takes days for them to respond. Since the issue, which happened a year ago, I encountered 2 to 3 connection issues. And in all occasions, they responded late. At one time they didn’t respond at all. I was without an internet connection of 2 days. Thing is, PLDT is the most reliable Internet connection we have, apparently they also suck at costumer service BIG TIME.

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