Taking the Film Festival to a New Dimension

The Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation is pleased to announce that it is currently collaborating with the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) to support talented filmmakers in Asia by organizing the Film Culturee Exchange Projects for the next seven years until 2020.

Under the partnership, the Japan Foundation will support the following programs:

1. Invitation of film people and journalists to the Tokyo International Film Festival For the promotion of people exchanges and networking opportunities among Asian film related persons, key figures including representatives of film festivals, journalists and film critics in Asia will be invited to the festival.

2. CROSSCUT ASIA “CROSSCUT ASIA” is the showcase of Asian films focusing on particular countries, directors, actors, and themes.

3. The Spirit of Asia Award Experts will present the Spirit of Asia Award by the Japan Foundation Asia Center to one film from the Asian Future section, a gateway to success for up-and-coming Asian directors. The prize-winning production team will be presented with a trophy and a trip to Japan.

4. Expansion of Asian Films to be screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival Number of Asian films screened in major film categories, Asian Future and World Focus, will be increased.

5. Co-production by the Japan Foundation Asia Center x TIFF Japan x Asia – A Series of Omnibus Film Production: Asian Three-Fold MirrorThe project leads three up-and-coming Japanese and Asian directors to produce an omnibus film with a common subject. Just like a three-fold mirror, the integrated films will reflect respective directors’ angles and aesthetic values of Asia, depicting similarities and differences of the same topic.

6. Invitation of film buyers and sellers to TIFF’s affiliated market, TIFFCOM The project aims to encourage exchanges among film buyers and sellers from Asia.

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