What will Charice reveal in Oprah show?

THE young singer that Oprah Winfrey dubbed as “the most talented girl in the world” has reunited with the former talk show host in a reality series that takes a look back at what happened to some of the biggest headline makers on The Oprah Winfrey Show. 

Titled Where Are They Now, which is now on its fifth season, will feature the 22-year-old singer in its 3rd episode together with Playboy model and Baywatch star Carmen Electra, soul singer Macy Gray and transgender woman Tenika Wilson.

The catch in this episode is: Charice meets with Oprah for a one-on-one sit-down interview to divulge something about her life that might surprise her fans.

Charice on Oprah 2014

This leaves us asking whether or not the big revelation is anywhere different from what she admitted in a “coming out” interview with Boy Abunda in June 2013. If so, then that would definitely spawn a few headlines.

Although Charice has already been accepted by the public for who she is, her coming out and her sudden change of style took its toll on her career. Charice’s star started to fade and she also faced harsh criticism from the Internet and the media.

Recently, the former YouTube sensation took it to social media to air her sentiments about people looking past her achievements on the international scene and criticizing her looks, personality and sexuality. Feeling under-appreciated by her own countrymen, Charice compared herself to other local stars as someone who had the biggest struggles.  She also said that being cyber-bullied is the reason why she doesn’t want to read what people say about her on the Internet.

People definitely don't mind her being lesbian. Had she maintained this look, she would have been an alluring gay icon.

People definitely don’t mind her being lesbian. Had she maintained this look, she would have been an alluring gay icon.

Media fasting may be a good way for Charice and to all other celebrities to shut themselves away from the unforgiving and nasty critics online. But Charice actually misses the whole point; she doesn’t have to read between the lines because her critics’ message is pretty simple, they just wanted that little old talented chanteuse back.

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