Sarah, ang Munting Prinsesa takes social media by [thunder] storm


Sarah, ang Munting Prinsesa

princess sarah meme 3princess sarah meme 2

BEFORE SpongeBob, Powerpuff Girls or Ben 10 came into picture, there was Princess Sarah, the kind-hearted little girl that ‘90s kids loved. Of late, many Princess Sarah memes went viral on social media following the announcement of ABS-CBN that the cartoon series made by the Japanese in 1980s will return on the small screen. You bet, amid its outdated graphics, this will surely bring so much nostalgia.

Dennis Trillio

So who’s the most visible leading man in the Kapuso lot? It’s definitely not the so-called primetime king but it’s the 33-year-old actor who hasn’t stopped working since we could remember. As a result, Dennis secures the best assignments his mother studio could offer to its loyal talents. And of course, the ratings and ad revenues don’t lie. Dennis proves that he’s one good investment.

Leah Salonga

Her appearance in Miss Saigon’s special gala performance held in London’s West End  Prince Edward Theatre left the crowd in awe. Lea sang her piece in undeniably flawless fashion. New generation of singers can learn a thing or two from the Tony Award-winning star. First, talent can spell someone’s success in the entertainment business. Secondly, a good disposition can guarantee longevity and unwavering support from fans.


Raymond Gutierrez

Raymond Gutierrez gay

It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez has been renewed for a second season following its very successful and controversial season premiere. This time, people are encouraged to watch the show because Raymond will have a big revelation to make. Is he going to finally clear the cob webs enveloping his life and which everyone already knows? Sorry, Mond, whatever that is, we don’t think it could top what your twin brother did in the previous season.

Toni Gonzaga

Just so you know, the actress/TV host has staged a concert at the Mall of Asia Arena last Friday. And the attendance was pretty good by local standards. But what a lot of people were actually expecting for was a marriage proposal from her longtime boyfriend that didn’t happen. We guess, she needs to stage another anniversary concert for that proposal to finally happen.

Christian Bautista

The singer asserts that even big stars in Hollywood accept bit roles. True enough, supporting characters sometimes make the story even more palatable. But in Christian’s case, it seems that leading roles are now elusive. Is this the kind of challenge he was referring to when he moved to GMA Network? What has happened to his entire singing and acting career?

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