One-hit wonder? No, they’re not

JAMES Reid and Nadine Lustre are turning into television stars.

The adage “when it rains, it pours” holds true for this young onscreen couple because after being launched as a love team just early this year, their career skyrocketed giving both their contemporaries and other established young stars a run for their money.

After conquering the big screen with certified box-office hits Diary ng Panget and Talk Back and You’re Dead, the rising tandem made the move to TV when they recently signed a two-year contract with ABS-CBN. And for their first TV project, JaDine (as what their fans call them) will top-bill a series called My App Boyfie.

Nadine Lustre

Like their previous projects, My App Boyfie was first published on web writing community Wattpad. The story, as the title suggests, revolves around a mobile phone application that allows users to create a boyfriend prototype based on their idea on what a perfect boyfriend should be like. To add spice to the series, JaDine will be joined by another rising star, Domique Roque, as the third wheel in the story.

James Reid naked.jpg-large

Although it’s clear that James and Nadine revived the era when stars make waves on the big screen first before they head on to TV, the big question is: Will they still receive the same warm reception from the boob tube viewer this time? By the looks of it, it’s highly likely that they will succeed. It’s easy to define the market that patronizes their love team. So to put simply, just like the sturdy tandem of KathNiel, selling JaDine on TV will be just a piece of cake.

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