Jake Cuenca puts on a show

THE Kapamilya star promised that this year’s Bench underwear fashion show dubbed The Naked Truth would be a night to remember. It was, indeed! The crowd screamed their lungs out when Jake hit the stage.

“I’m going to make this one count because this is my last. I will leave the theatrics to the new ones so just expect the unexpected from me,” said the 27-year-old actor who has appeared in the “flesh fest” several times.

It was an unceremonious exit for Jake who was wearing nothing but a tiny jockstrap that merely covered his most private part. But that was an underwear fashion show after all, everyone was expected to be most daring when walking on the runway, and some of them did almost naked.

Jake made the online world abuzz because of what the audience saw, what they couldn’t see and with what the actor did to please 10,000 people in the audience.

jake cuenca naked 1

Jake Cuenca before and after.

jake cuenca naked

In the scheme of things, a person who appears in a fashion show, an underwear show at that, getting in shape is mandatory. But it appeared that Jake celebrated his unflattering mid-section and sagging rump. It could be a simple explanation of bad angle but it was a noticeable view from a sea of tall and lean models and celebrities, who obviously worked hard to be presentable as they exactly knew it’s their responsibility to look it.

A few hours after the daring event, Jake posted on Twitter, “Might not be at my fittest but I’ll be damned if I don’t put on a show.”

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