WHETHER you are a lawyer, a philosopher, a lawyer wanna-be, a lawmaker, a fan of law-and-order TV flicks, or simply a legophile, here’s a reference casebook explaining much of the sophistry of lawyering.Philawsophia

Authored by lawyers Nicolo Bernardo of SyCip Law and Oscar Bernardo, Associate Dean of the University of the East College of Law, PhiLawSophia: Philosophy and Theory of Law with Philippine Laws and Cases (Rex Bookstore) opens a theory of everything about law. Get a piece or two about the story, events, reasons and profundities behind much of the legalese. Meet the authors at the book signing on September 20, 2014 at SMX Convention Center, Rex Bookstore booth.

The book introduces lawyers as natural rationalists. As the popular legal anthology puts it: “Kung May Katwiran, Ipaglaban Mo!” To understand the law, one has to get into the minds of magistrates and advocates whose causes and ideas shaped the rules. It is the philosopher’s stone that cracks the lawyers’ code, after all.

Starting with a case for law, the authors discuss law in relation to power, morality, justice, economics, freedom, family, sex, crime, duty, revolution, corruption, religion, property, and what have you. The book exposes the legal theories as to the whys, the hows, the what fors, and the what ifs of the law. Peppered with quotes, the book makes one understand and not just memorize the law in a light reading.

The major fields of law are recast according to their ideological paradigms and historical context. Chapters are concluded with jurisprudence, dissents and separate opinions that cite philosophers and professors of jurisprudence, from the Greeks to the pro-Greens.

PhiLawsophia is a suggested reading for Philosophy, Legal Management, Political Science, History and Law students; and a reference for members of the Bench and the Bar on legal principles behind jurisprudence. The reader is invited to journey through the mental maze behind the shalls and shall nots that govern every aspect of our being; and to put the law itself on the stand.

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