Paolo Bediones in the spotlight

AFTER feasting on the screenshots of Hayden Kho, Wally Bayola and Chito Miranda’s respective private video, the entire online world is abuzz with yet another scandal that allegedly features a popular personality, this time being, news anchor Paolo Bediones.

Paolo Bediones Scandal

Just this Sunday, the broadcast journalist’s name trended on micro-blogging site Twitter after a sex video with a man resembling the TV anchor went viral.

Screenshots culled from the six-minute-video showed a couple doing an intimate act in front of a camera circulated the web, too. People who saw it instantly named the man in the video as Bediones and the woman as the member of a sexy girl group.

As of this writing, the TV anchor has not made any statement to admit or deny his involvement in the viral video. Meanwhile, TV5 defended Bediones from the “attempt to smear his reputation.”

“The recent issue involving our news anchor, Paolo Bediones, on social media is a purely personal and private matter in which TV5 has no involvement or desire to intrude,” the company said.

“We accord our employees and talents all respect that are due them for their privacy and personal action or decision. We disapprove strongly the malicious and wanton publication of the video, an act that clearly violates pertinent cybercrime laws,” the statement furthered.

Such cases have become quite common in recent times because of the advent of video recording devices or even computers and mobile phones fitted with video cameras. And we know for a fact that people like just seeing intimate and private moments in a voyeuristic way because it’s more in tune with reality because there are no fancy lightings, editing or even bad acting involved, just regular people.

It may not be a porn video, but should they want to make their videos public, they must also take into consideration that amateur videos actually look gross, inadequate lighting don’t give them justice. If the whole world would see you, why not make sure that you wouldn’t look awful?

A kid’s victory song 

Did your bet in the first The Voice Kids Philippines talent search win? Sure most of you were disappointed that Darren Espanto’s power vocals didn’t make him walk home a million peso richer because the nine-year-old Lyca Gairanod won the top prize.

A lot of viewers aired their sentiments online that the winner won because of sympathy vote, because her singing skill was overshadowed by her story—the one that can be next episode for Maalaala Mo Kaya.

Some even question the list of finalists. But let’s not blame the kids for this, let’s put the responsibility to the coaches who can’t even give constructive criticism, for sugarcoating all their feedback, and for selecting the finalists who can easily sell themselves as TV stars and not as music artists.

But of course, let us give it to Lyca. She clearly won the hearts of the public amid her not so brilliant talent. There were a dozen kids in the competition that can sing better than her but she, as most put it, was at the right place and on the right time.

In the last leg of the competition, Lyca sang “Basang-Basa sa Ulan” with rock group Aegis, as her family tearfully cheered her on. Sarah Geronimo told Lyca that she performed as if she were singing at her own concert—and that no matter what, she was grand champion in the hearts of her fans. That sealed her victory. The other finalists will have future in show business especially Juan Karlos Labajo, so let’s give it to the kid who connected well with the audience.

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