Are we going to see Darna on IMax?

Angel Locsin as Darna 2013

MORE than 60 years since its debut in Pilipino Komiks, the most popular Filipino superhero created by Mars Ravelo continues to throw hurricane-sized punches, literally and figuratively, each time it is revived on television or on the big screen.

In many ways, Darna has already made milestones. Since its creation in the 1950s, a total of 14 films have been made. Endless serialized stories in different comic books also followed. Three television series were also produced, two of which by GMA Network (2005 and 2009) made television history for registering one of the highest ratings recorded by AGB Neilsen.

And just when we thought we have already seen the best version of Darna, a big surprise awaits those who follow the tale of the famous Mars Ravelo classic.

As announced by Star Cinema, a yet to be titled Darna movie is currently in the works. It will be directed by Erik Matti and will be top-billed Kapamilya star, Angel Locsin.

In an interview, Angel, who first played the famous role in 2005, said that the upcoming movie would employ cutting edge technology. It’s going to be so big that it is already being touted as biggest project ever done by the film company.

“You have no idea how big this is. Even I was shocked.  As in, never did I experience this kind of big project or heard of it. This is the first time, it’s the first time in Philippine history,” Angel enthused in a television interview.

As the iconic superhero heads for another cinematic incarnation, a big question lingers: Is the movie going to be the first local Filipino film ever to be available in Imax or 3D theaters?

Angel Locsin is the sexiest Darna (fan photo, credit to the owner)

Sure people want to see Angel, as Darna, flies on a 20-meter screen in an amazing detail and stunning clarity. It’s about time that we see a local film in a different view and experience, a totally different and unique experience that conventional screens cannot provide. If this is what Star Cinema means by “first time in Philippine history,” then we can now put this Darna film in our list of the most anticipated local film to date.

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