Chairs turn for talented kids

The_Voice_Kids Philippines

THE first blind audition episode of The Voice Kids premiered on Saturday night featuring of course young talented children belting out big songs that left viewers utterly amazed. 

Sarah Geronimo, Lea Salonga and Bamboo Mañalac, who also sit as coaches of the original version, serve as the three coaches and the judging panel of the show.

This edition of The Voice Philippines is undoubtedly better than the first season as it lives up to the viewers’ expectations. First, the set design is far better than the set where the blind edition for season was taped. It screams multi-million budget not to mention the swivel chairs now look expensive.

Secondly, the young singer wannabes are delightfully impressive despite their young age. One of the notable contestants who appeared on the blind edition episode was Nathan Bautista who performed his version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” After just the first note, all three judges turned their chairs as a sign of their approval of the kid’s remarkable singing skill.

Lastly, this time around, the coaches now have different outfits. Remember during the entire blind audition process of The Voice Philippines season one? The coaches were seen wearing the same outfit from day one up until the first stage of the completion was finished.

It’s also good to note that seeing the genuine reaction of the kids when the coaches turn their chairs is priceless but there’s one big question though the TV network should instantaneously address: Are these children old enough to face the stress brought about by the pressures of talent reality shows?

The pressure to perform well can lead to frustration in children participating in talent searches such as The Voice Kids. According to Luis Manzano, 54 kids made the cut. But of course, before the 54 slots were filled, hundreds were rejected. We can only imagine the tears and the feeling of disappointment of these kids returning backstage after no chair turned for them.

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