The reality series called Claudine Barretto

claudine barreto vs raymart santiago

Happy times? Claudine and Raymart, when they were still together.

AFTER facing theft charges from two personal assistants whom she also accused of stealing from her, Claudine Barretto’s life now takes another dramatic turn.

On Sunday, Claudine Barretto made a few revelations about her failed marriage with estrange husband Raymart Santiago.

In a taped interview on the Buzz ng Bayan, the embattled actress started saying that she has been quiet for the longest time. She was weighing the idea of protecting her children and her reputation, so she kept quiet.

But the real highlight of her interview with the Buzz ng Bayan host, Boy Abunda, was her revelation that her marriage with Raymart was a fake considering they got married twice. They tied the knot first in 2004 in a civil rite in Isabela and another one in a Christian ceremony in Tagaytay on March 27, 2006. They parted ways in 2013 following allegations of domestic abuse and financial woes.

“I regret that I married Raymart. It was fake, I should have backed out, as we were living in sin,” she told Abunda.

In the same interview, she also clarified the speculations that she is suffering from mental illness. She said it pains her to be rumored to have such.

 “I am going through difficult times…there are a lot of lies and a lot of deceits,” Claudine cried.

She furthered that according to her psychiatrist, it is not mental illness but mental torture. She also claimed that she has been diagnosed with “battered wife syndrome” which could have brought about the mental torture.

Claudine Barretto 2-piece bikini

In a different interview last week, Claudine was quoted saying she’s still married and she “doesn’t do what others do.” It was her response to speculations that she is already in a new relationship with a non-showbiz guy named Mark Anthony.

Like a drama series on television, or a reality series for that matter, Claudine’s life is getting to complicated and disjointed, and so are her statements.

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