Are reality shows still relevant?

IF TELEVISION networks could produce uncreative shows and yet get the support of advertisers, then why would they still make an effort to come up with something different or perhaps original?

PBB All In

In the past years, a deluge of reality series hit local television as if there were no other genres deserving airtime. People went gaga over Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race and other essentially unscripted programs, including talent shows that highlighted the life of ordinary people. Networks could throw money on any kind of reality franchise, produce a localized version and get decent ratings. That’s how they earned money.

These days though, everything is different. Successful reality franchises are growing older and the audiences are looking for something new. They still patronize the very competitive shows like Survivor or Amazing Race (the US version) but these shows, too, experience observable decline in viewership. Also, the audience is getting tired of surveillance cameras that capture the supposed real, unedited and unscripted drama of people in a reality program.

Case in point, Kapamilya network’s Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles made a silent exit on primetime TV. Amid regular publicity, the show still drew mediocre attention. Though the program featured “double heavy weights” it did not spell double the fun that reflected on the show’s poor ratings performance.

Now, believing that interest in reality shows still has not fallen, Kapamilya brings back its most successful reality show with a new season, Pinoy Big Brother All In. As the title suggests, the show features a genuine mix of housemates (or as it claims). It also promises to bring back the unpredictable quality of the first edition to its new season.

As an early sign that people have already lost interest, but not necessary their time to be critical of what they see on TV, hash tag PBB Scripted landed on the no. 1 position on Twitter Philippines and in Worldwide trending list. Some netizens even questioned the use of auditions as most of the housemates are already famous, rich and being managed professionally by showbiz handlers (and the guys behind the show realized that just only after almost a decade).

Unless the audience still appreciates the contrived kind of drama inside the PBB house and sponsors are still willing to advertise, we take the affirmative side that Kapamilya, or any other local networks, should continue producing this kind of shows.

A little publicity for you

A little publicity for you

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